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VIDEO Sister Wives’ Meri Brown’s Today Show interview with her pants unzipped

On Sunday night's Sister Wives special "Meri: Behind the Scenes" episode Meri Brown make an embarrassing confession that when the Brown family did their very first public interview on the Today show in September of 2010 she had to visit the ladies' room at the last minute and ended up doing the entire interview with her pants uzipped! Being the diligent Sister Wivesologists that we are, we tracked down the clip -- which is not only entertaining because of Meri's wardrobe malfunction, but also because everyone (Kody especially) is so nervous and awkward!

Sister Wives’ Hunter Brown wins 2nd Nevada state wrestling title

Some HUGE congratulations are in order for Sister Wives son Hunter Brown who took home his second straight Nevada state wrestling championship title this weekend! Keep reading for photos as well as tons of congratulations from friends and family in attendance. Plus, find out what Hunter and Kody have to say about the effects of being on Sister Wives on his wrestling and why TLC doesn't feature it more on the show.

Sister Wives to address Meri and Kody Brown’s divorce in next week’s episode?

The Brown family of TLC's hit polygamist reality series Sister Wives made headlines last week when it was revealed that family patriarch Kody Brown had legally divorced his first wife Meri in September, 2014 and then, in December, he legally married his fourth wife, Robyn. The Brown family issued a very brief statement after the story broke, referring to the change as a move to "legally restructure our family," but have otherwise not revealed the motivation behind their decision. However, it appears as though the issue will be addressed on upcoming episodes of the show, starting next week!

State of Utah appealing historic Sister Wives polygamy ruling

The Brown family featured on TLC’s Sister Wives reality series made history last December when their lawsuit claiming Utah’s laws prohibiting polygamy were unconstitutional went before U.S. District Court Judge Clarke Waddoups and he ruled in the Browns’ favor, which essentially legalized cohabitation in the state of Utah. In addition, Judge Waddoups ruled last month “that state officials (notably prosecutor Jeffrey R. Buhman) violated the constitutional rights of the Brown family in years of criminal investigation and public accusations,” as summarized by Brown family attorney Jonathan Turley.

What are the dating rules for the teenagers in Sister Wives’ Brown family? Can they kiss and hold hands?

The polygamist Sister Wives’ Brown family seem accepting and laid back, but they do have strong religious beliefs (click here to learn more about that.) With so many kids in the teenage age range, dating is kind of a big issue. The Duggar family is another family with focused religious beliefs and lots of teens, and their rules for dating (or, as they call it, courtship) are pretty strict. Hand-holding is prohibited until engagement, and full on-kissing and full frontal hugs are to be avoided at all costs until marriage. Of course, the Duggars make it clear that they are letting the children decide to make these choices for themselves.