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How does the Sister Wives’ Brown family make money?

Aside from the fact that they’re now getting money from TLC for their popular reality show that’s now into the second season and their fame no doubt has also given them other opportunities to make money via endorsements and such, one of the biggest questions about The Brown Family from Sister Wives is how they were able to feed and house a family of 21 people up until this point? Of course, rumors flew about abusing the welfare system, but there seems to be no real evidence of that.


Top quotes from Sister Wives ‘Free Range Browns’

The second episode “Free Range Browns” of season 2 of Sister Wives was a good one.  The family decided to take what Kody called a working vacation and head up to his dad Winn’s ranch in Wyoming.  We already covered the big bombshell from this episode which is the fact that wife #2 Janelle’s mom married Kody’s dad after she opened up to the polygamist lifestyle.  This was in addition to the fact that Janelle had divorced wife #1 Meri’s brother.  This confused an already complicated family tree creating realities like: