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Is Billion Dollar Wreck fake? Martin Bayerle haunted by money, murder charges

Is History's brand-new treasure hunt extravaganza Billion Dollar Wreck fake? The network is positioning its newest program as heir to the Curse of Oak Island throne, and part of the fun where shows like these are concerned is the extent to which the network has amped up the likelihood of its presenters striking it rich. To find out a whole lot more about the history of the RMS Republic; Martin Bayerle, his son Grant, and their family's tortured history; and the overall "Billion Dollar Wreck fake" question, read on!

Did Curse of Oak Island find the treasure? Spoilers offer strongest evidence yet

Did Curse of Oak Island find the treasure? The increasingly popular History Channel show has its legions of fans on the edges of their legions of seats, thanks to a new season that's drawn critical raves and brought the Lagina Brothers closer than ever to Oak Island's mysterious, elusive booty. But did the Brothers actually find the damn stuff? Check out the latest teaser from the network; then, tune in to the finale!

RHOP’s Robyn Dixon goes behind Ashley ‘Horny Poodle’ Darby’s back for maximum shade throwage

Though The Real Housewives of Potomac's first season is just a few episodes old, the Ashley Darby drama won't stop: it seems as if the bubbly 24-year-old can't please any of her fellow castmates, no matter what she tries. Next up? RHOP mainstay Robyn Dixon, who's been relatively kind to Ashley onscreen–but who sure wasn't afraid to share what she really feels about Darby in a viral blog post. Read on to catch the shade...

Alaska: The Last Frontier update: Kilcher family faces possible backlash as long winter sets in

The latest Alaska: The Last Frontier update brings a swell of bad news that threatens to carry the oft-beloved Discovery program away with it, thanks to a general and growing backlash against Alaska-based reality television shows. Read on to see the very latest–plus a pseudo-response from the Kilcher family, who've been unusually active on social media of late!

VIDEO RHOP update: Gizelle escalates her feuds thanks to a whiskey-soaked night of regret

The latest RHOP update sees a continuation of what's sure to be a common theme all season long: namely, Gizelle Bryant starting and then continuing a near-endless string of feuds! Last week's episode saw Mrs. B take on basically every other member of the cast, and leaving fans of the new show wondering how she could possibly keep up such a relentless pace. It seems that Bravo has the answer: send the housewives to a whiskey tasting! What could go wrong? Read on to find out...

Alaska TLF update: Are Shane and Kelli Kilcher leaving the show?

The latest Alaska TLF update brings a possibility that fans have long-dreaded: namely, that favorites Shane and Kelli Kilcher might be leaving the show before filming for Season 6 gets underway. Though the fifth season only just concluded, speculation is widespread that the couple won't be back for more homesteader adventures. Why not? Read on for the latest...

Dual Survival update: Grady Powell talks fan concerns

The latest Dual Survival update is a big one: we've got a veritable treasure trove of new information about the present and future states of the show, thanks to current co-host Grady Powell! Grady answered hundreds of fans' questions during a far-reaching Facebook Q&A session yesterday, before a brand new episode of the show brought its own Dual Survival update. Get yourself a beverage, settle in, and read on!