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TLC’s Fat Chance cast photos and social media links

TLC's new weight-loss reality show Fat Chance is drawing a lot of attention, in large part because of the Fat Chance cast. The eight members of the Fat Chance cast are willing to put their pride on the line in order to achieve the bodies of their dreams–and, hopefully, the loves of their lives. The show looks to be a mix of the weight loss and dating genres; read on for full cast bios, photos, and social media links!

Why is The Real Housewives of Potomac cast all black? The show’s origins, explained

Why is The Real Housewives of Potomac cast all black? Last week, we reported on the origins of the newest entry in the Real Housewives franchise, and highlighted claims from viewers and reviewers that something about the show seemed stilted. Now, we've got the full story on the Real Housewives of Potomac cast, the premise upon which the show was originally based, and the reason for the change.

How does HGTV’s Fixer Upper work? Fans share behind-the-scenes experiences

How does Fixer Upper work? It's one of the most commonly asked questions about HGTV's mega-hit, something that seems to occupy the minds of fans and skeptics alike. Fixer Upper Season 3 is turning out to be the show's most popular by far; now, several couples featured in the new episodes have opened up about their experiences, and shared behind-the-scenes information about how Fixer Upper works. To find out for yourself, read on!

How much is snake venom worth? Discovery’s Venom Hunters promises liquid gold

How much is snake venom worth? Thanks to Discovery's new show Venom Hunters, the question is getting more attention than perhaps ever before. The show follows four teams of snake wranglers and–you guessed it–venom hunters, each determined to capture as many snakes and gather as much venom as possible in the name of medicine and science. (And, of course, to snag a healthy profit!) Read on for a first look at Venom Hunters and its cast, and for a look into the lucrative world of venom harvesting.

Why did Swamp People replace the cast? Fans, former cast deal with ongoing fallout

Why was most of the Swamp People cast replaced without warning before Swamp People Season 7 began airing last week? That's the question many of the show's fans are asking, in light of Swamp People cast replacements brought about by a new production company that took charge of the show last year. Thanks to recent comments by former and current members of the Swamp People cast, though, we know that at least one of the old guard will be making something of a comeback this season–and that there's a chance that the whole Swamp People cast could reunite for a Season 8.

Frequently asked questions about Curse of the Frozen Gold, including whether it’s fake

Is Curse of the Frozen Gold fake? That's the question that thousands of potential new viewers find themselves asking, thanks to Animal Planet's pending premiere of hot Canadian property Curse of the Frozen Gold. It's the latest in a slew of popular treasure-centered reality television programmes, and the show's success in Canada has American audiences intrigued. The biggest mystery for those audiences, though, is the Curse of the Frozen Gold fake issue.

Swamp People Season Seven: Is History renewing the show after all?

Swamp People Season Seven is currently scheduled to be the show's last–but recent social media updates from star Jacob Landry have given fans an unexpected shotgun blast of hope. Is there a chance that the still-popular Swamp People could be renewed after all? To see what Jacob said–and to catch up on the controversy between History and the cast members that the show's production company fired before Swamp People Season Seven aired–read on!

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta update: Erica Dixon, K. Michelle, Stevie J & Joseline announce LHHA Season Five plans

The latest Love & Hip Hop Atlanta update brings some potentially surprising news: longtime cast member Erica Dixon, who's been with the show since it premiered in 2012, has announced whether or not she'll be returning to the cast for LHHA Season Five. To find out the latest on Erica Dixon–and on castmates K. Michelle, Stevie J, and Joseline–read on!