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Tarek and Christina reveal biggest Flip or Flop update yet, share adorable family Easter photos

The hits just keep coming for Tarek and Christina El Moussa, who've just revealed a brand-new Flip Or Flop update in the form of a fun summer one-off! And, ever grounded, the couple also kept their fans on social media delighted with a trio of family Easter snapshots! Read on for the latest details in this Flip or Flop update, including when to catch brand-new episodes.

Sisters In Law cast bios, legal expertise, and education

Sisters In Law, the acclaimed new series from WE, details the professional and personal lives of some of Houston's finest attorneys–and, if the Sisters In Law cast bios are any indication, praise for the show's legal pedigree is well-earned. Read on to find out more about each member of the six-person Sisters In Law cast, including the legal background and expertise of each woman.

Mother-Daughter DIY team the focus of HGTV’s new show Good Bones

HGTV is banking on the charm of mother-daughter combo Karen E Laine and Mina Starsiak to bring viewers in and on their skill as house flippers to keep those viewers hooked. The Indianapolis-based pair is set to debut their brand-new show on the network; read on to find out more about Karen and Mina, including their backgrounds, how their business got started in the first place, and what to expect from Good Bones Season 1!

How does the Willis Family make their money?

The 14-member Willis Family is used to being asked a lot of questions about the logistics of their daily lives, and perhaps no question is more common than a very fundamental one when you're talking about two parents putting food on the table for a dozen kids: How does the Willis Family make their money? Unfortunately for Toby and Brenda Willis, part of the answer to that question is rooted in a terrible tragedy that struck Toby's family when he was a young man. Read on to find out all about the car accident that could have claimed Toby's life–and to see how he and Brenda have turned tragedy into relentless energy, creativity, and optimism.

How much do the Naked And Afraid contestants get paid for doing the show?

Discovery’s Naked And Afraid inspires questions of compensation more than perhaps any other reality TV show. How much do the Naked And Afraid contestants get paid for doing the show? It’s not an inconsiderate sum; given what the participants have to go through to get the money in the first place, though, a better question might be whether they get paid enough!

LHHATL Season 5 new cast info and extended preview

VH1 has just released a brand-new and extended LHHATL Season 5 new cast and preview trailer. Entitled "The Morning After," the clip features interviews with several of the Atlanta crew's biggest names, each of whom looks back on the "non-stop insanity, confusion, and mayhem" of Season 4 and wonders, in Rasheeda's words, "What the hell was I thinking?" Read on to find out what you should expect from Season 5–and to meet some of the biggest new names in the cast!

PHOTOS Kim Kardashian appears to be using a body double for new KUWTK episodes

The existence of a Kim Kardashian body double has been known to fans (and detractors) of the family for months. Now, though, it appears that Kim decided to put her double in front of cameras for the first time: photographers recently caught what looks like the stand-in posing for Kim during filming for new episodes of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Check out the photos to see for yourself!