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Blac Chyna reality show could be forthcoming as baby drama escalates

A Blac Chyna reality show appears to be on the fast track toward production, possibly, thanks to her unexpected pregnancy and renewed interest in she and fiance Rob Kardashian's relationship. Though Blac had previously ruled out any sort of reality show–particularly one affiliated with the Kardashian family's media empire–it seems that she might be changing her tune. Why? Read on for the latest!

Did Mimi Faust and Chris Gould split? LHHATL star’s boyfriend shades show & entire cast

Though their Love and Hip Hop Atlanta introduction came just a few weeks ago, it's looking like a Mimi Faust and Chris Gould split is a very real possibility, thanks to some eyebrow-raising posts Chris shared–and then deleted–on her Instagram page. In the posts, which were captred by fans before being taken down, Chris rants against the entire LHHATL cast, the show itself, and Mimi Faust! Read on for the latest....

How much does the Below Deck Mediterranean yacht cost to rent? Season 3’s Ionian Princess the pinnacle of luxury

How much does the Below Deck Mediterranean yacht cost? More than almost anyone on earth can afford–fortunately, though, we have a new season of high seas antics to satiate our decadent cravings! Bravo's Below Deck: Mediterranean is here with all-new antics, and an all-new boat: the Ionian Princess, a gleaming white yacht half a football field long and big enough for almost any party you can dream up. The price tag, however, might leave you breathless for all the wrong reasons...

Discovery’s Trailblazers cast bios and social media information

How can nature help save the world? Thanks to Discovery's new show Trailblazers, the question is more relevant than ever before. The show follows four scientist-adventurers, who each week are tasked with a different discovery in the name of medicine and science. Read on for a first look at the Trailblazers cast bios and social media information, and for an early look at the ambitious show!

Why does Keeping Up With The Kardashians have writers?

Does Keeping Up With The Kardashians have writers? And, if so, why? The reality show is about to kick off its twelfth season, and remains as popular a Sunday night fixture as ever, despite ongoing questions about its veracity. Several reports regarding Keeping Up With The Kardashians writers have emerged over the years, some more believeable than others; we've organized them into a palatable whole, in order to answer one of the most frequently asked questions about the program.

Black Ink Crew Chicago Season 2: Kat Jackson teases expectations (& lingerie photos)

Black Ink Crew Chicago Season 2 is officially happening–and Kat Jackson has even more details about what to expect. For the second time this week, the show's breakout star gave an interview teasing information about the new season; only, this time, Kat immediately turned around and dropped an Instagram post suggesting we can find her modeling lingerie in the near future! Read on for the details & photos!

Are the Million Dollar Listing agents real?

Are the Million Dollar Listing agents real? Bravo's Million Dollar Listing debuts its fifth season this week, but, thanks to the general curse of incredulity that hangs over reality TV audiences, the question of the show's authenticity remains a common one. Fortunately for fans of Luis, Frederik, and Ryan, the high-powered agents' credentials are legit! Read on to find out a bit more about Million Dollar Listing's three real estate agents, including some of their more impressive eight- (and nine-) figure wheelings and dealings.