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CONFIRMED Love & Hip Hop Houston cast details leak as show begins filming

The newest Love & Hip Hop franchise has been revealed, and we've got a slew of Love & Hip Hop Houston cast information to share, as well! Just days after current Atlanta cast mainstay Stevie J accidentally spilled the tea on the newest city to get a LHH spinoff, a handful of independent sources appear to have verified most, if not all of the new show's cast members. Read on for the latest!

Discovery’s ‘Dark Woods Justice’ promises high police action, unexpected drama

Is Dark Woods Justice real? It's the question skeptical reality TV fans find themselves asking about Discovery's newest entry in the true crime / police genre, and it's nice to be able to say that the show definitely delivers an intriguing new take on a familiar premise. Read on to find out all about how the "Dark Woods" of Washington state's Olympic Peninsula have been used to conceal all manner of crimes, the shocking truth behind the value of poached maple trees (no kidding!), and, most importantly, about the law enforcement officers who put themselves at risk keeping the forests safe.

Alaskan Bush People continues to fight fake label amid mounting accusations

Is Alaskan Bush People real? The Discovery mega-hit has managed to attract controversy over its allegedly staged scenarios almost from the minute it aired, but a recent string of eyebrow-raising schemes has many viewers wondering where the network draws the line. Read on for the latest intrigue involving the show, which involves alleged misinformation about how long the family had been in touch with this season's "secret daughter," and alleged inappropriate doins involving a forthcoming fire...

Jill & Jessa Season 2 at risk as Duggar family tries to save show from cancellation

Though ratings for the show have been strong, Jill & Jessa Season 2 might not happen, thanks to a slew of advertisers disassociating from the beleaguered Duggar family. TLC has faced consistent criticism for its decision to give the Duggars a new show just months after Josh Duggar's molestation and sex scandals forced 19 Kids and Counting off the air. Read on to see what the Duggars are trying to do to help make Jill & Jessa Season 2 a reality–and to find out whether or not it's working

Are the Flip or Flop auctions real? Tarek and Christina explain how their HGTV hit works

Are the Flip or Flop auctions real? We've addressed the question of the show's overall veracity, but fans of HGTV's gi-normous hit still want to know about the auction portion of each episode. How do Flip or Flop's economics work? Read on for a breakdown from none other than Tarek El Moussa himself!

Naked and Afraid XL Season 2 coming soon; Discovery announces cast reveal game

Naked and Afraid XL Season 2 is on its way! Discovery has just announced the premiere date for the second edition of last summer's hugely popular spinoff–and we know where the survivalists will be stranded, to boot. One thing we don't (quite) know is which previous Naked and Afraid cast members will be returning for this summer's adventures; read on to find out how the network plans to reveal them!

How did the Busbys from TLC’s Outdaughtered get quintuplets?

Are quintuplets possible naturally? How rare are quintuplets? Are quintuplets identical? These questions–and many more–are on the minds of reality TV viewers across the land, thanks to Outdaughtered, TLC's newest foray into the multiple birth genre. Texans Danielle and Adam Busby were the first couple in American history to have an all-girl set of quintuplets–though, as fans will soon find out, the challenges of caring for six total children under the age of four have only just begun!

How does Beachfront Bargain Hunt work? HGTV hit battles rumors

How does Beachfront Bargain Hunt work? The show is one of HGTV's most popular, but many viewers are either skeptical about the show's production (thanks to the House Hunters debacle of several years ago) or honestly curious about how the whole process comes together. Thanks to a series of testimonials written by fans who've appeared on the show, we now have the answers to some of your basic Beachfront Bargain Hunt questions!