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Basketball Wives LA Season 5: Who are the wives married to?

Who are Basketball Wives LA married to? VH1's most popular sports-related show is all set to return for its fifth season, but catching up with the off-camera drama is never an easy task! To help you out, we've assembled a list of the Basketball Wives LA Season 5 cast members–including two new additions!–and linked them with their significant others. Read on to get the details!

History’s survival smash Alone has viewers wondering about accuracy

Is History's Alone real or fake? The show is an undisputed smash hit, and it's not hard to see why: it's probably the most ambitious survival reality show currently on the air. The show's premise is simple enough: take ten contestants, drop them in different spots on the same abandoned locale, and see how long they can stick it out before the isolation (or hunger, or disease, or ever-present danger) drives them mad. But is the show legit?

New Fixer Upper episodes promise huge guest stars (and some very small ones)

Fans of the HGTV smash hit Fixer Upper don't have long to wait for to get their next big helping of the Gainses. New Fixer Upper episodes have been filming for weeks, and Fixer Upper Season 4 is expected to air this autumn–if not sooner, given the tremendous success of the show. To whet your appetite, we've put together a rundown of all the guest stars you can expect to see when the new Fixer Upper episodes roll out–read on to check out the list, and to get the latest speculation about the show!

How does Dating Naked blur all the cast members?

The Dating Naked blur is probably the biggest (and most important!) star of VH1's hit show, but the effect has become so common that viewers may take it for granted. However, as an experienced visual editor explains, it takes a lot of hard work to make sure everything that needs to be censored gets hidden–and, as a couple of prominent slip-ups reveal, mistakes do happen!

Entire Love & Hip Hop Atlanta cast might be fired following Season 5 reunion

It's been a season of maximum drama for sure, but the latest Love & Hip Hop Atlanta cast rumor takes things to a whole different level! According to one particularly extreme bit of gossip, the entire LHHATL cast–from the newbies to the five-season veterans–might be fired following this season's reunion special. Why would VH1 make such a drastic change to one of its most successful shows? Read on to find out!

Alaska: The Last Frontier Season 6 update: Show renewed amid Kilcher triumph & tragedy

Fans wondering about the status of Alaska The Last Frontier Season 6 need not worry. Despite the show's long layoff, Discovery recently announced that it's bringing the Kilcher family back for another season. And, though the family is just coming out of its annual winter deep freeze, that doesn't mean there's no news from their remote homestead. Read on for the latest from the Kilchers, including one family member's sad passing...and the announcement of a new addition!

Love & Hip Hop Houston cast members, social media links

The Love & Hip Hop Houston cast members have been unofficially confirmed by multiple sources, and the show is said to be smack in the middle of filming. It's now a race between LHH Houston and LHH Miami for the right to air first; before the two new shows wrap their first seasons, come on in here and get the lowdown on who you can expect to see on Houston, and how to get in touch!

SPOILERS Dual Survival Season 8: New format, cast members, locations revealed

Dual Survival Season 8 has a premiere date–and we've got a whole lot more information about what to expect, including some things the show has never done before. Read on for a complete rundown of Dual Survival Season 8, including multiple new hosts, brand-new locations–and a military rivalry that threatens to bring everything crashing down.