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BBWLA Brandi Maxiell’s strong North Texas ties keep her grounded during reality TV chaos

Where did Brandi Maxiell go to college? And, more importantly, how is that question integral to her personality? The Basketball Wives LA star, mother, and entrepreneur makes constant reference to the influence the place she calls home had on both her personal and professional development; despite all the drama on the show, Brandi says she's still an easygoing Texas girl at heart.

Former Naked And Afraid participants raise new concerns about whether the show is real or fake

Is Naked And Afraid fake? The "fake / real" controversy is something that every reality show has to deal with at some point; and survival shows, with their potentially death-defying scenarios, are certainly no exception. But a string of new allegations from a former Naked And Afraid participant–as well as a highly charged claim from a survival expert vehemently opposed to this genre of reality TV–has some viewers wondering whether producers are influencing the show more than they let on.

PHOTOS Love & Hip Hop Hollywood: Ray J & Princess prep for huge wedding (in front of the cameras)

Are Ray J & Princess married? The Love & Hip Hop Hollywood co-stars' relationship has been the source of considerable drama over the past few years. And it was only a month ago that it looked like the pair might be breaking up for good, thanks to a rift with Kanye that will not die. But the good news for LHH Hollywood fans is that the couple's wedding is back on track–read on for the latest!

Will there be a Billion Dollar Wreck Season 2? Martin Bayerle gives fans hope, preps for new dive

Fans of Captain Martin Bayerle's exploratory ways are chomping at the bit for Billion Dollar Wreck Season 2, but, so far, History has yet to make their wishes come true. Despite that, high fan interest and the promise of unfinished business mean it's highly likely we'll see a second round of episodes, and Martin Bayerle himself recently addressed speculation with an optimistic social media update. Read on to see what the Captain had to say–and to find out who he's got helping him these days ;)

How much does Shaunie O’Neal make? Net worth for the VH1 mogul soars thanks to new show

How much does Shaunie O'Neal make per episode of Basketball Wives LA? Does she make the same amount for her new show, Shaunie's Home Court? What is Shaunie O'Neal's net worth? The reality TV and VH1 mainstay has a diverse portfolio, and we've done the best we can to answer these always-elastic questions; read on to find out about Shaunie's money!

Why is Brandi Maxiell back on Basketball Wives LA? Shaunie O’Neal reveals casting secrets

Why is Brandi Maxiell back on Basketball Wives LA? Fans of the VH1 smash, gearing up for Season 5, have been surprised to discover that Brandi is back with the rest of the cast, despite her dismissal by co-star (and executive producer) Shaunie O'Neal at the end of Season 4. What happened between the two women? And why did Shaunie change her mind? Read on to see a recent interview in which Shaunie explains the situation–and reveals who she really wanted to fire!