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MUG SHOTS Real Housewives of Miami’s Elsa Patton DUI arrest

Fans of the Housewives franchise know that sometimes the most interesting characters are not the featured Housewives themselves but assorted associates and family members.  In a previous post I featured PR maven Marysol Patton discussing the show with The Miami Herald and the subject of her self-proclaimed psychic mother came up.  Here’s what Marysol had to say about her mid-70’s but still kickin’ mom Elsa:

“Yeah my mom is a big part of it.  She’s really quite funny, she’s such a character that everyone wants to be friends with her and everywhere I go everyone is like, ‘How’s your mother?’ before they even ask how I am.  She’s just really funny.”

In the preview video provided by Bravo they show a brief discussion in which Elsa defines herself as a witch.  In the clip she’s holding a big ol’ Miami sized glass of wine which as it now turns out might have been some creative foreshadowing.