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My 600-lb Life Update: Has Penny lost weight?

The season 2 episode of My 600-lb Life featuring Maryland native Penny Saeger is the TLC show's most controversial episode to date. Unlike most of the people followed on this life-changing show, Penny made no progress one year out from risky weight loss surgery.  Next week My 600-lb Life will air an update of Penny, chronicling the progress and setbacks she's had since we last saw her.

My 600 lb. Life Zsalynn and Christina update

The first season of My 600 lb. Life featured an update on two heart wrenching stories from last season: Zsalynn and Christina. Zsalynn originally found attention in a BBW community where she met her husband, but when she gained so much weight that her health and mobility began to fail, her husband turned on her. Christina had found herself at 700 pounds in her early 20s with a husband and mother who both enabled her, and had to take care of her daily needs. Now, more than a year after weight loss surgery, these two women have regained their lives.