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PHOTOS Milla from My 600 Lb Life has lost the weight of ‘3 to 4 people’ since her last episode

The last time we checked in with Milla from My 600 Lb Life, the Season 4 cast member had lost even more weight, but the amount of time she was spending in the hospital worried her followers. In our new update, we can reveal that Milla has lost even more weight — and we’ve got the pics to prove it! — but her health might not have taken a turn for the better.

MY 600 LB LIFE Robin and Garrett, at a combined 1200+ pounds, are in a race against time

The My 600 Lb Life Robin and Garrett episode turned out to be a surprise for the show: the producers’ intent was originally just to feature Robin, but wound up adding her morbidly obese nephew Garrett’s weight loss journey as well. Now that they’ve made their reality TV debut, how are Robin and Garrett doing? And are they still working with Dr. Now?

MY 600 LB LIFE Fan favorite Brianne Smith Dias confirms ‘Where Are They Now?’ episode

If you're one of the many people hoping for more of Brianne Smith Dias following her My 600 Lb Life debut, we've got some good news for you! In addition to more before and after pictures, our My 600 Lb Life Brianne update confirms that Brianne *will* be back with a Where Are They Now? episode in the very near future!

MY 600 LB LIFE Erica Wall now: Season 5 star staying strong with boyfriend Jimmy

It's all good news for Erica Wall these days! The My 600 Lb Life Season 5 cast member has a blossoming love with her boyfriend Jimmy -- who we first met in Erica's Where Are They Now? episode -- and the continued success of her weight loss journey as well! Keep reading to see the latest pics of Erica and Jimmy together!