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EXCLUSIVE James Jones from My 600 Lb Life Season 2 reveals his 500+ pound weight loss

It's been a long time since My 600 Lb Life fans have heard from James Jones, the native Texan whose 750 pound peak weight made him one of the heaviest participants of Season 2. In our exclusive interview and My 600 Lb Life James Jones update, we reveal his current weight, as well as his health after suffering major injuries in a recent car crash. Read on for the news -- and James' applause-worthy pics!

MY 600 LB LIFE Teretha follow up: Considering another episode, looking better than ever despite recent setbacks

Teretha Hollis-Neely from My 600 Lb Life Season 4 started off as one of the heaviest participants in the show’s history. Two years later, Teretha was walking on her own for the first time in ages. Now, we’ve learned that another My 600 Lb Life Teretha follow up episode may be in the works — and the latest photos of Teretha are encouraging! Read on for the details!

MY 600 LB LIFE Justin McSwain gained 400 pounds in four years

Tonight's new episode of My 600 Lb Life follows a young man whose anxiety over his weight has grown to such an extent that he's been diagnosed with agoraphobia. Justin McSwain, a South Carolina native, gained several hundred pounds in just four years away at college -- and with his explosive weight gain came an anxiety so strong that Justin almost never leaves the house except to buy more food.

MY 600 LB LIFE Cynthia ‘getting it together’ to jump-start weight loss progress

Our latest My 600 Lb Life Cynthia before and after update sees the Oklahoman in a gloomier place than when we last checked in with her. It sounds like the temptations of the holidays may have gotten to Cynthia, who says she's 'been beating myself up' over stalled weight loss progress. However, the new full-body pics Cynthia has shared reveal she's still in a great place compared to where she started her weight loss journey -- read on for details and photos.

New My 600 Lb Life Tara before and after pics, engagement update

Tara Taylor is walking a long road away from life-threatening obesity, which is why we're pleased to bring you good news about the latest leg of her journey. This My 600 Lb Life Tara before and after update is full of new pics of the Season 2 star looking happy (and healthy), plus new info about Tara's off-camera engagement to Eugene, the man she started dating in her Where Are They Now? episode.

PHOTOS It looks like My 600 Lb Life’s Sarah Neeley is almost at her 190 pound goal

My 600 Lb Life Season 6 star Sarah Neeley looks like she’s well on her way to becoming maybe *the* most successful story in the show’s history. Since the last time we checked in with her, Sarah has lost what sure looks like a mind-boggling amount of weight. The phrase “You might not recognize her” most definitely applies here, so keep reading for her inspirational weight loss pics!

PHOTOS VIDEO Chad Dean from My 600 Lb Life published his tell-all memoir

We broke the story of the then-forthcoming weight loss memoir by Chad Dean from My 600 Lb Life a few weeks ago. Since the book's release, Chad has been making the publicity rounds, spilling tons of new info -- and sharing fantastic-looking new weight loss pics! Read on for our roundup, including his Today Show interview and where to buy the book!