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PHOTOS Model Marissa Jade headlines Mob Wives Season Six updates

The Marissa Jade Mob Wives fan bloc is growing in size and stature, thanks to the 31-year-old model's late addition to the cast of the popular VH1 crime (ish) drama. The network brought in two young and rising stars for Mob Wives' final season, but it's Marissa who seems to be the more popular of the two. Read on for Marissa's story–plus a good-sized photo gallery!

Mob Wives: Big Ang cancer update, plus Season Six preview and premiere party photos

Last night's premiere of Mob Wives Season Six brought its usual share of drama and flair, but a fair amount of the attention took place behind the cameras, and focused on the latest Big Ang cancer update. Angela Raiola's cancer returned late last month, and many of her and her show's fans were left wondering what kind of role her ongoing treatments would play in Mob Wives' final season. Several sources indicated that the plan had originally been to end the show "on a high note–with the news that [Big Ang] had beaten throat cancer." The latest Big Ang cancer update, though, has thrown a monkey wrench into those plans.

Drita D’Avanzo, Karen Gravano engage in epic Mob Wives Instagram war

Drita D'Avanzo isn't holding back her hatred for Mob Wives costar Karen Gravano ahead of the show's season 6 premiere. Drita accused Karen of being a rat and making up stories about her husband. She even included an old mug shot and made a joke about Gravano's mustache. Karen's reply...well, it was so epic (she calls Drita, among other things, a "green screen gangsta"), we had to break it down into three parts! Get all the crazy bleep-worthy info–including the supertrailer for the final season.