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Waka and Tammy divorce update: LHHATL stars allegedly broken up by his cheating ways

The sudden news of the Waka and Tammy divorce has raised many questions about the couple: Are Waka and Tammy still together? Why are they splitting up? And is anyone else responsible for the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta stars' pending separation? We have a few more answers than earlier this week, when news of the split ripped through the LHHATL fan community like a Cardi B insult gone viral; read on for the latest, including an apology from the woman who Waka allegedly kept on the side, as well as Tammy's insistence that no one knows the truth.

Joseline and Stevie J shade the ever-loving hell out of each other in LHHATL meltdown

If you thought there might be a chance that Joseline and Stevie J would get back together, you might want to turn away from this nuclear-scale explosion. Otherwise, look away! The Love and Hip Hop Atlanta stars–and former lovers, if you can believe that they ever even liked each other–took their breakup wa-a-a-y past hostility this week, and seem to be determined to figure out which one of them can best insult the other. Read on for enough shade to last you all summer long!

LHHATL Karen King faces possible 30-year sentence for new criminal charges

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta's Karen King continues to fight the good fight where her recent legal woes are concerned–but the charges against her are serious indeed, and have KK staring down the barrel of a possible 30-year prison sentence. Read on for the latest from Karen, along with a rundown of the three new criminal charges she faces and the sentencing guidelines for each.

LHHATL D. Smith’s feud with cast members threatens to flare up again

The ongoing, multifaceted D. Smith feud has been one of Love and Hop Hop Atlanta Season 5's most intriguing plotlines. The franchise's first transgender cast member has won praise from allies for taking hard stands against detractors and drawn scorn from foes for picking fights with a wide cross-section of the show's stars. Now, thanks to the ongoing discussion of Smith's inclusion on an anti-bullying panel aimed partly at LGBT youth, it looks like tempers on both sides will be stoked once more!

Did Waka Flocka Flame and Tammy Rivera divorce? Social media updates fuel speculation

Did Waka Flocka Flame and Tammy Rivera divorce? The Love and Hip Hop Atlanta rumor mill is churning something furious, thanks to a series of cryptic notes that Tammy shared on social media–both as an individual post and in response to comments fans left on the post. Could the LHHATL co-stars really have split up? Read on for the latest!

VIDEO Mimi Faust admits she was ‘smiling’ as Joseline broke down over Stevie J’s affair

Mimi Faust and Stevie J have a long history together, which might be part of why she's riding high on Stevie and Joseline's misfortune following a series of Twitter attacks by Stevie's ex Joseline. One day after Joseline claimed that Stevie J is secretly gay, Mimi admitted to VH1's cameras she couldn't help but be a little bit pleased by Joseline's misfortune, now that the shoe is on the other foot where Stevie's drama is concerned.

Karen King arrest update: Embattled LHHATL star defends herself with new public statements

This week's Karen King arrest update is a busy one, as the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star has been active on social media following her booking on three charges last week. The trio of charges for which Karen was arrested all stem from a 2015 shoplifting charge, before which she allegedly committed forgery and identity theft. Read on for the full story, plus Karen's chin-up response!

PHOTOS Is Stevie J gay? LHHATL star singled out by Joseline in Twitter rant

Is Stevie J gay? Rumors abound regarding the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star, thanks to his ex-wife Joseline Hernandez's recent, unexpected Twitter rant. Joseline took to Twitter to accuse Stevie of something secretive–either homosexuality or bisexuality–and appeared to back up her claim with the suggestion that she had already taken a lie detector test to verify her claims?! Read on to see exactly what's going down, and to check out screenshots of Joseline's red-hot Twitter feed!