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The true story that inspired the Lifetime movie Ungodly Acts

Tonight is the premiere of the new Lifetime movie Ungodly Acts. The movie tells the story of a 27-year-old religious cult leader's wife named Melissa Cooper, whose body was found hanging from a swing set after an apparent suicide. But, after a confession from a church parishioner, police begin to suspect foul play, and Melissa's husband become the prime suspect in her murder! The plot may sound unbelievable, but it's based on the true story of Bethany Deaton. Keep reading to learn more about Bethany's tragic story, which made numerous national headlines and was the subject of an episode of 48 Hours.

Is the Lifetime movie Fatal Memories based on a true story? Is it a remake of the 1992 movie?

It's Saturday, and that means it's time to pop out the red wine and popcorn and get ready for another cinedramatic treat from Lifetime! Keep reading to find out all about tonight's feature presentation, Fatal Memories, including a preview trailer, synopsis, and whether or not it is based on a true story like the 1992 made-for-TV movie of the same name–which was also about murder and repressed memory.

Lifetime’s The Unauthorized Melrose Place Story cast photo

The guilty pleasure factory known as Lifetime has a brand new addition to its popular "Unauthorized Story" movie franchise as they tackle one of the greatest guilty pleasures of all time, the reality-highly addictive shark jumpathontastic 1990s drama Melrose Place! Keep reading to check out The Unauthorized Melrose Place Story cast photo with a guide to let you know who's who!

Update on Hannah Anderson from Lifetime movie Kidnapped: The Hannah Anderson Story

Tonight is the world premiere of the original Lifetime movie Kidnapped: The Hannah Anderson Story based on the abduction of 16-year-old Hannah Anderson and the murder of her mother and brother in California in 2013 by family friend James "Jim" DiMaggion. Find out how Hannah is doing today and get her not-so-favorable reaction to the Lifetime movie! (Includes the full NBC News special one year after the kidnapping featuring an interview with Hannah.)

Lifetime movie Perfect High with Bella Thorne addresses suburban teen heroin addiction

You would be hard-pressed to come up with anything that is more widespread and destructive in the United States today than heroin addiction. In June, Lifetime will explore one of the most common ways people find themselves trying heroin for the first time. Perfect High is a Lifetime original movie starring Bella Thorne as a suburban high school dancer who suffers a knee injury that requires that she take prescription painkillers. As is often the case, her use of painkillers soon turns to addiction, and heroin presents itself as a cheap alternative. Keep reading for more info about the movie (including photos), as well as some rather startling facts about heroin use in the US.