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Breaking Amish’s Mama Mary Schmucker says this is her last season

It's the end of an era as Breaking Amish matriarch Mama Mary Schmucker announced today that the upcoming season of TLC's Breaking Amish: Return to Amish will be her last. Keep reading for Mary's explanation for her departure -- plus,  Jeremiah Raber revealed some rather shocking news about what fans can expect to see as part of his story line this season!

Breaking Amish’s Rebecca reveals she had tubes tied after multiple C-sections

Breaking Amish couple Rebecca and Abe Schmucker are seemingly living out a rare reality show happily ever after! The two are now happily married with a house and two lovely daughters: Kayla (age 4) and Malika (now a year and four months). But, after being asked by numerous fans if she and Abe were planning on having another child, Rebecca revealed on Facebook that her births were anything but storybook, and due to the complications she elected to have tubal ligation.

Breaking Amish: Return To Amish original cast returns in May

The original inspirations for the term "Dramish" are returning as TLC announced this week that the OGs of Breaking Amish are coming back for another season of Return to Amish in May! Keep reading for all the details, including the premiere date as well as some of what fans can expect to see this season.