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Farrah Abraham gives daughter Sophia $600 for losing her two front teeth

Most kids grow up with the idea of the tooth fairy. Remember? Your parents would put a little bit of money under your pillow at night for losing a tooth? I remember getting 50¢ per tooth, or maybe a whole dollar, if I was lucky. But, if you're Farrah's daughter, a visit from the tooth fairy is equivalent to a small shopping spree. Check out the gift Sophia got for losing her two front teeth!

Farrah Abraham filming Teen Mom? On Botched Sunday, launching Fotched lipstick, more

Teen Mom OG wrapped up almost a month ago, but of course Teen Momtrepreneur extraordinaire Farrah Abraham is not resting on her laurels. The 24-year-old single-mom continues her blitzkrieg of projects and headline-grabbing antics, including an appearance on Botched this Sunday, a new line of "Fotched" lipstick, and enjoying the Fourth of July with daughter Sophia while what looks to be the MTV Teen Mom film crew capturing it all on film. Plus, Farrah explains shy she and ex-boyfriend Simon Saran broke up!

Botched’s Katella wants to look like a blowup doll

As Dr. Dubrow puts it, Katella wants to look like a “particular object.” Katella, a transgender woman, says she always identified with Barbie Dolls growing up, and would prefer to look as much like a blow-up doll as possible. “Who wants a librarian when they can have a fake, big-breasted, blonde-haired blowup dolls with big, pouty, suction cup lips?” she asks.

VIDEO Botched Season 2 preview , premieres April 14

Perhaps our favorite new reality show of 2014 (although we LOOOOOVE us some True Tori!) is returning to E! on Tuesday, April 14 as the surgical Heckle and Jeckle comedy duo of Dr. Paul Nassif and Dr. Terry Dubrow return with a whole new batch of butchery for Botched Season 2. Keep reading to watch the extended preview trailer with some of the jaw-dropping plastic surgery disasters featured this season with facial cement injections, booty breast implants, and... leeches?!?

Lisa Rinna apologizes for Farrah Abraham’s lips, Dr. Terry Dubrow comes to the rescue

Current Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, and Melrose Place's pillow pout pioneer, Lisa Rinna shared (and then deleted) one of Farrah Abraham's now-infamous lip implant procedure gone wrong photos on instagram yesterday along with an apologetic message. Keep reading for Lisa's apology and get the latest evidence that Farrah may be appearing on the second season of Botched!

Is Farrah Abraham going to be on Botched Season 2?

When Farrah Abraham tweeted the dramatic photos of her lip implant procedure gone wrong last week, we suggested that she get in touch with plastic surgeons Dr. Paul Nassif and Dr. Terry Dubrow of E!'s Botched reality series to see if she could get a slot on the show's second season premiering later this year. Well, it appears as though the former Teen Mom may have taken our advice!