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Below Deck’s Captain Lee & Pump Rules’ Jax Taylor get into Twitter tiff

It looks like we have ourselves a good old fashioned Bravolebrity sailor feud! In a rather unexpected bit of social media drama, Below Deck‘s Captain Lee Rosbach and Vanderpump Rules star (and 37-day aircraft carrier vet) Jax Taylor exchanged Twitter cannon fire on Sunday after Jax expressed his disdain for reality shows that are cast as opposed to featuring a group of people who were already friends — like Pump Rules.

BELOW DECK Ross Inia punched cop in the face, threatened his family according to arrest report

Below Deck deckhand Ross Inia was arrested and charged with multiple felonies after an alleged drunken altercation with police in West Palm Peach, Florida on December 22. When we first reported on his arrest, there was very little information explaining why Ross was facing such serious charges, but, according to the arrest report released by WPBPD, Ross punched an officer in the face before threatening the families of the arresting officers — all of which was captured on multiple body cams.

Below Deck Ross Inia arrested in Florida for battery on an officer, disorderly intoxication

Apparently being around the Palm Beach, Florida area at Christmas time is not a good thing for Bravo reality stars. Less than a week before the one-year Countess Luanniversary for her infamous arrest involving booze and assaulting an officer, Below Deck deckhand Ross Inia was arrested on similar charges in West Palm Beach! The incident went down after Ross spent Friday night partying with Below Deck Mediterranean star Joao Franco.

Caroline Bedol ‘officially not invited’ to Below Deck Reunion, Twitter deactivated after responding to suicide concerns

Disgruntled former Below Deck third stew Carline Bedol says she is "officially not invited to the reunion" after she claimed that Kate Chastain and Josiah Carter mistreated her and show producers (and Captain Lee Rosbach) later covered it up. Also, Caroline has apparently deactivated her Twitter account after a series of frustrated responses to tweets expressing concerns that she may be suicidal.

BELOW DECK Caroline Bedol says Kate Chastain is an alcoholic, drags in Chrissy Teigen during 20-hour Twitter meltdown

In a 20-hour Twitter meltdown, former Below Deck star Caroline Bedol claims that chief stew Kate Chastain and second stew Josiah Carter were psychologically abusive to her, and she confirms a report that the two screamed: "You disgusting sl*t. You are f**king wh*re! We hate you. Everyone here hates you DISEASED SL*T” through the door while she was locked in her cabin. She also says Kate is an alcoholic before hurling more allegations at the chief stew, other cast members, show producers, and even Andy Cohen! Oh, and Chrissy Teigen somehow manages to get caught up in all of it!

BELOW DECK Primary calls Kate Chastain ‘cranky, depressed and possibly bi-polar’ and criticizes Bravo editing

On the most recent episodes of Below Deck, viewers have seen primary Charles Michael Yim and his pals seemingly missing out on the amazing world around them as they obsess over capturing every second perfectly for Instagram. (Actually, Charles and his girlfriend weren't sharing EVERYTHING on Instagram, as evidenced by their alleged crow's nest sex session and the used condom left on his nightstand.) After his first episode aired, Charles took to his much-beloved Instagram to call out Bravo producers for their heavy-handed editing, and to throw Kate Chastain under the boat!