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Alaska The Last Frontier’s Jane Kilcher praises Atz Lee, takes haters behind the woodshed in latest update

The latest Alaska The Last Frontier Atz Lee update involves the man himself, but fans of the show are surprised to note that the bulk of the information comes from Atz's wife Jane Kilcher. A string of rumors and gossip has surrounded the couple for months–and Jane decided to set the record as straight as she possibly could!

Kilcher Family net worth soars as Alaska: The Last Frontier Season 6 ratings continue dominance

Alaska The Last Frontier may be well into its 6th season, but the public's appetite for the Kilcher family's adventures certainly shows no signs of waning. Thanks to a devoted fan following and some of the strongest ratings in cable, the show looks poised to be a Discovery Channel institution for years to come. And the Kilcher Family net worth is certainly more than enough to support the stars, should they decide to give up their homesteading ways–read on to find out how much more!

ALASKA TLF Massive Eve Kilcher baby photo update as Sparrow Rose celebrates 1st birthday

Alaska The Last Frontier Season 6 is underway, which means it's time for another huge Eve Kilcher baby update! Little Sparrow Rose is now well over one year old, and, though she's appeared on the show, she does most of her growing when the cameras are far away from the Kilcher homestead. Fortunately for die-hard fans, Eve and Eivin's cameras are never far away ;) Read on for a ton of photos of little Sparrow, as well as a few bonus shots!

PHOTOS Alaska The Last Frontier homestead location: How far do the Kilchers live from Homer?

The Kilcher family's adventures on Alaska: The Last Frontier take place in a remote section of southern Alaska dotted by mountains and bounded by pristine shores. The show makes mention of the nearby town of Homer, and of the Kilcher family homestead–but where exactly is the Alaska The Last Frontier homestead location? Read on to find out!

Kilcher Family set to rake in Season 6 riches as Alaska The Last Frontier returns

The question of whether reality TV stars get paid (and how much they're paid) is one of the most frequently asked of the whole genre. And it comes up perhaps more than usual in the case of Alaska The Last Frontier, along with other survival-type shows, since the thought of compensation seems to run counter to the show's whole whole homesteading premise and DIY aesthetic. But, as is always the case when cameras are involved, the show's stars are indeed paid for their time. Read on for our best estimate as to how much the Kilchers bring in!

Alaska The Last Frontier’s Atz Lee offers optimistic injury update one year after terrible hiking accident

The latest Atz Lee injury update has Alaska The Last Frontier fans breathing a heavy sigh of relief. It was almost exactly one year ago that the TLF mainstay and Discovery star suffered unexpected injuries in a hiking accident–ones so severe that his future participation with the show was even in question for a time. Fortunately, it sounds like Atz is able to return to his homesteading and backcountry ways. Keep reading for an optimistic update from the man himself, and for a series of breathtaking photos!