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SPOILERS Orange is the New Black Season Three spoilers leak out after red-carpet premiere

Orange is the New Black had its red carpet debut of the third season premiere over the weekend. After the screening, the principal cast and creator Jenji Kohan stuck around for a Q&A at the Dramatist's Guild of America. They discussed the premiere and the themes at play in the season to come, and dropped more than a few hints about what fans should expect. Look out–there're spoilers ahead!

What’s the story behind the Coke ad from the Mad Men finale?

Sunday's Mad Men finale brought more conversation than you can shake a whiskey at–and one particular topic stood above all others. Real-life advertising agency McCann-Erickson's real-life 1971 Coke ad (along with its iconic song "I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing") is getting as much attention as it did forty years ago. Find out the story behind the commercial, why the song was first a failure, and why both are so relevant to Mad Men's last chapter.

SPOILERS What happened on the Mad Men finale?

So Mad Men ended last night. (In case you hadn't heard.) A lot of different things happened on the show. Believe it or not, many of them were happy! But the one thing everyone is talking about seems to be the very end of the show–and the fate of one Donald F. Draper. If you didn't see the episode, and don't want it spoiled, look away! Otherwise, come on in here and join the discussion.

Catfish SPOILER Samm says she sent the initial email to MTV, not Steven

On tonight's episode of Catfish we have the first instance of a mother sending in an application on behalf of her child as Aurora explains her son Steven is in a serious online relationship with a girl he's never met named Samm. But, Samm is claiming that she was the one that actually applied to be on the show and that after producers saw her photos they decided she would be the better catfish!

SPOILERS Are the couples from Married at First Sight’s second season still together?

With the second season of Married At First Sight now underway, the big question is which couples will decide to stay married and which will decide to divorce at the end of the experiment -- which technically wrapped up months ago. Get some clues/spoilers for what is to come...