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LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Tyrice and Chanda spoilers: Are they still together?

Despite being the first cast member featured in a preview clip for the new season of Love After Lockup, 49-year-old Tyrice Sanders from Chicago has yet to appear in an episode. That changes tonight when viewers will finally get to meet Tyrice, who has fallen for 28-year-old booty-licious inmate Chanda. Keep reading for spoilers as to whether or not Tyrice and Chanda defied his family’s suspicions and remain together!

LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Is Shawn being catfished by Destinie? SPOILERS

On the new season of Love after Lockup, cast member Shawn has been sending his prison boo Destinie thousands of dollars, and he is also prepared to shell out a $50,000 bond for her imminent release. In addition to the usual red flags that go along with pretty much any prison relationship, Shawn has the added fact that he and Destinie have never actually met in person or communicated via video. Is he being catfished?!

TLC sMOTHERED spoilers: Did Angelica marry Jason? Did he divorce his wife Viviana?

TLC’s sMothered is back for a second season, and viewers will get to pick up where they left off with the awkward love triangle consisting of Jason, Angelica, and Angelica’s mom Sunhe. Last season Jason finally gave Angelica a diamond ring after dating for years, but it wasn’t an official proposal due to one small hang up: he was still married. So, has he finally filed for divorce? Did it go through? Did he and Angelica get married?! Keep reading to find out!

Big Ed says Lisa treated Usman ‘like a little slave’, Lisa says Big Ed is a ‘f**king pervert’ who ‘has been grooming women’ in leaked Tell All video

We’ve got another recap from the leaked 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days Couples Tell All video! In this installment we tackled the VERY heated exchanges between “Baby Girl” Lisa Hamme and her co-stars Avery Warner and “Big Ed” Brown. The three of them get into a huge shouting match, with Lisa and Big Ed hurling some very serious accusations at each other! It’s so bad that I seriously doubt their comments will make it on the final version of the Tell All that eventually airs on TLC.

American Idol 2020 Top 10 finalists SPOILERS!

ABC’c American Idol continues to march on despite the current coronavirus pandemic, and this weekend the popular singing competition will be remotely narrowing down the field of competitors from 20 to 10 — or 11 if the judges elect to use their save. For those fans who are a little too impatient to wait until Sunday night’s episode, we have the spoiler list of the Top 10 finalists!