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Meet Catherine Cleary Wolters, the real Alex Vause from Orange is the New Black

Orange is the New Black is loosely based on the memoir of the same name by Piper Kerman, and while there is no Alex Vause in her account, there is a real life inspiration for the fan favorite character played by Laura Prepon. In the memoir she’s called Nora, but the real woman is 51-year-old Catherine Cleary Wolters, who spoke with Vanity Fair in April about being represented on the popular Netflix show.

VIDEO 12 injured in massive Philly food truck explosion

12 people were injured yesterday, 2 severely, after a propane tank exploded sending a food truck up in flames and engulfing a busy street in the blast. See the footage of the blast and get the latest on the status of those injured, including the mother and daughter who were working inside the truck when it exploded.

Is Fargo really based on a true story?

We’re two episodes into FX’s Fargo TV series adaptation starring Martin Freeman and Billy Bob Thornton, and we’re hooked. Just like the film, it’s a crime-comedy set in Minnesota that plays up the possibility of dark secrets behind everyday niceness. Both the 1996 Coen Brothers movie and the TV series start out with a declaration that the events depicted are “Based on a true story.” Is there really a true crime inspiration for either?