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Do Huggies baby wipes really contain shards of glass?

It all started with a video posted last week on Facebook by Melissa Estrella. In the video, the mom finds suspicious, sharp "shards" covering her child's Huggies brand baby wipes. Estrella's discovery has parents everywhere questioning whether Huggies baby wipes wipes are tainted with shards of glass. Read on to find out more about this discovery and Huggies' response to the allegations.

Pregnancy video star Sam Rader confesses to paid Ashley Madison account, was kicked out of a conference for threatening violence

Sam Rader, the vlogger who recently made headlines for he and wife Nia's viral pregnancy and subsequent miscarriage videos, was named in the leaked Ashley Madison information. Rader has confirmed that his information is legitimate. But that's not all: he was also kicked out of a vlogger conference this weekend for allegedly threatening violence against others.