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VIDEO PHOTOS DJ Duffey booty shaking clip and pics from SlutWalk 2016

DJ Duffey, the breakout star of Basketball Wives LA Season 5, is as well-known for her turntable skills as she is for her formidable posterior. So the DJ Duffey booty shaking video from this year's SlutWalk is a match made in heaven for her fans! Read on to check out the clip, and to get a ton more photo updates of Duffey from Amber Rose's annual event!

VIDEO Inmate has no pants in court, judge loses her s*** and calls jail officials

Kentucky District Judge Amber Wolf was dealing with what appeared to be a rather routine shoplifting case when the defendant's attorney leaned in and discreetly pointed out that her client had not been given any pants by prison officials–despite being in custody for three days. In response, a flabberhasted Judge Wolf held up up court proceedings to call the corrections department, demanding to know "What the hell is going on?" Keep reading to watch the clip and read the response from a corrections department rep after the video was posted online.

VIDEO Property Brothers bar fight footage surfaces, appears to exonerate Jonathan Scott

Last week, news of a Property Brothers bar fight went viral, and raised the eyebrows of many a Jonathan Scott fan. According to apparent eyewitnesses, Scott had started something with multiple parties–reportedly bouncers–at a Fargo ND bar after trying to stick around past closing. Scott claimed he was the victim of a separate altercation, and had nothing to do with any big brawl; now, footage of the incident has emerged, and it appears to back up Scott's version of events.

Lagavulin Whiskey’s Nick Offerman Yule Log video is the viral hit of the season

Lagavulin Scotch Whisky's Nick Offerman Yule Log video is making the viral rounds today, as its simple, delightful premise tickles revelers the world over. You know those videos of a fire burning in a fireplace–the ones you put on when you don't have a fireplace, in order to simulate a warm, holiday feeling for the officemates who came to your Christmas party? The Nick Offerman Yule Log video is exactly that, with one important difference...

VIDEO Wal-Mart sells out of Patti LaBelle sweet potato pies thanks to viral video review

The Patti LaBelle sweet potato pie viral video sensation has had an immediate and overwhelming effect on demand. Following YouTuber James Wright's over-the-top video review, Wal-Mart has basically sold out of the sweet treat, and is trying to secure more sweet potatoes to meet demand. Read on for the video and Wright's response!

Selfie From Hell video short may be the scariest horror movie of 2015

Want to see possibly the best horror movie of 2015, but you're reluctant to drop $12 at the box office? No problem, because one of the creepiest, spine tingliest flicks of the year is online -- and free! You might want to pop some popcorn before you start watching it, however, because it's less than two minutes long. Keep reading to watch "Selfie From Hell" and find out its origin story from creator and star Meelah Adams!

Do Huggies baby wipes really contain shards of glass?

It all started with a video posted last week on Facebook by Melissa Estrella. In the video, the mom finds suspicious, sharp "shards" covering her child's Huggies brand baby wipes. Estrella's discovery has parents everywhere questioning whether Huggies baby wipes wipes are tainted with shards of glass. Read on to find out more about this discovery and Huggies' response to the allegations.