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VIDEO What is TLC’s new series Sex In Public?

No stranger to controversial TV shows, TLC will be premiering its new six-episode series Sex In Public tonight at 10/9c. Prior to the premiere, the Parents Television Council issued a statement condemning the network for airing the series. "TLC once stood for The Learning Channel," said PTC president Tim Winter, "but today it stands for Totally Ludicrous Content." However, the show isn't really as racy as its title suggests–viewers tuning in hoping to see people making sweet love in public are going to be very disappointed. Keep reading to find out what the show is actually about and watch the preview trailer.

The true story that inspired the Lifetime movie Ungodly Acts

Tonight is the premiere of the new Lifetime movie Ungodly Acts. The movie tells the story of a 27-year-old religious cult leader's wife named Melissa Cooper, whose body was found hanging from a swing set after an apparent suicide. But, after a confession from a church parishioner, police begin to suspect foul play, and Melissa's husband become the prime suspect in her murder! The plot may sound unbelievable, but it's based on the true story of Bethany Deaton. Keep reading to learn more about Bethany's tragic story, which made numerous national headlines and was the subject of an episode of 48 Hours.

Selfie From Hell video short may be the scariest horror movie of 2015

Want to see possibly the best horror movie of 2015, but you're reluctant to drop $12 at the box office? No problem, because one of the creepiest, spine tingliest flicks of the year is online -- and free! You might want to pop some popcorn before you start watching it, however, because it's less than two minutes long. Keep reading to watch "Selfie From Hell" and find out its origin story from creator and star Meelah Adams!