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LINKS Porsha Williams arrested, Ghislaine Maxwell’s plea, Chance’s choice…

THE BLASTReal Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Williams was arrested alongside 86 other people (among them Love & Hip Hop New York star Yandy Smith-Harris) for protesting on the lawn of Kentucky Attorney General Danial Cameron over the state’s continued non-arrest of the three police officers responsible for killing Breonna Taylor

DLISTEDGhislane Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged accomplice in the sex trafficking of minors, has formally pleaded not guilty to the charge of the sex trafficking of minors for the benefit of Epstein and his super-wealthy and well-connected friends. She’s been denied bail and her trial will begin next summer

CELEBITCHYChance the Rapper decided he would try to start a groundswell of support for Kanye’s presidential run by endorsing him for some questionable reasons. It took about seven hours for him to get chased off of that particular hill

REALITY TEA“Wow, what an episode! Last night on Below Deck Mediterranean, we finally got the answer as to why Pete Hunziker has stuck around long past his firing from the show. And the answer is a tried-and-true reality TV staple, yachties: so we, the viewers, could witness his downfall”

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPIn her first interview since getting fired from Vanderpump Rules, Kristen Doute says she’s learning “that [she] has so much to learn” about things like racism and unconscious bias and sticking her nose in Faith’s business where it had no business being

JEZEBELIt looks like there’s going to be another Dirty Dancing sequel, only this time it takes place in the 90s, and will be written by the same people who wrote Five Feet Apart

VOX“With one twist, RuPaul’s Drag Race: All Stars became a lot more compelling and a lot like Survivor: A chaos agent got the queens on Drag Race: All Stars to stop playing nice and start getting real.” (So, evidently, it’s also like The Real World now?)

LAINEY GOSSIP“Here’s Chris Pine with Annabelle Wallis yesterday in LA in an outfit that’s pretty 80s too – pink shirt, white chinos. Is it giving you Steff from Pretty in Pink vibes? If you don’t know who I’m talking about… WHY DON’T YOU KNOW WHO I’M TALKING ABOUT?”

GO FUG YOURSELFImportant mental health break: “Your Afternoon Chat: How Are You Managing to Cheer Yourself Up?”

PAJIBAFinally, now that you’ve cheered yourself up through venting, catharsis, and community, you can get right back to being depressed with these helpful visualizations of exactly how much money a billion dollars is and how wide the true gulf between the rich and the wealthy

LINKS RIP Kelly Preston, Armie Hammer & Elizabeth Chambers divorce, Vanderpump closes…

THE BLASTRIP Kelly Preston — the 57-year-old actress and longtime wife of John Travolta died Sunday morning after a “private” two-year battle with breast cancer

CELEBITCHYIt seems a three-month lockdown spent in the Cayman Islands may have been too much for the marriage of Armie Hammer and Elizabeth Chambers, who’ve announced they’re divorcing after a decade as husband and wife

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPLisa Vanderpump confirmed she’s had to close one of her establishments — while PUMP is still open, Villa Blanca, Vanderpump’s other Beverly Hills hotspot, is no more

DLISTEDBritney Spears’ fans think she’s secretly in trouble again and trying to send coded distress signals on Instagram; Britney insists she’s fine. Conspiracy theories abound

REALITY TEA“Teddi Mellencamp Calls Denise Richards ‘Hypocritical’; Kyle Richards Agrees & Questions Denise For Talking About Her Sex Life On Real Housewives

VOXI totally forgot about Palm Springs being available for streaming already, and all the glowing reviews are only making me that much more excited to watch it. Here’s a sample: “Palm Springs is not groundbreaking or quite as compulsively quotable as some of Lonely Island’s previous outings. But it is an oddly perceptive effort, a movie that feels primed in particular for millennial audiences just starting to creep toward middle age who are trying to sort out what life really means, and how best to live it

JEZEBELApparently we can’t trust medical professionals either — this is a genuinely horrifying story of parents who put conspiracy before family and lost their daughter as a result

LAINEY GOSSIP“I am, to put it mildly, overjoyed about the way this series [Netflix’s The Baby-Sitters Club] has turned out”

PAJIBAYou had me at Ocean’s Eleven meets The Breakfast Club (which further reminds me that I’ve been meaning to see Brick for fifteen years now)

GO FUG YOURSELFThere’s been a lot of royal gossip over the past week! Get your roundup on


LINKS Ramona Singer coronavirus, Ghislane and Prince Andrew, #HamiltonFilm…

REALITY TEARHONY star Dorinda Medley is going off on co-star Ramona Singer for attending the same Hamptons party as Donald Trump Jr.’s girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle, who later tested positive for COVID-19. According to Dorinda, everyone who was at the party needs to be tested — and that includes Ramona, and though Dorinda can definitely be a bully she actually has a point here?

CELEBITCHYJeffrey Epstein’s longtime co-conspirator Ghislane Maxwell, still alive in federal prison and charged with underage sex trafficking, hasn’t started talking yet. But she’s believed to be maybe on the cusp of naming names in order to protect herself; one person close to Maxwell believes the 58-year-old “won’t be able to handle jail — and she’ll immediately start talking to try to get out of it”

VOXIn case you’ve been wondering what all the newfound critical hubbub over the newly released Disney+ filmed version of Hamilton is all about, here’s a helpful explainer: “Why Hamilton is as frustrating as it is brilliant — and impossible to pin down: Hamilton is an impossibly slippery text. The arguments over the show are part of what make it great”

PAJIBA#RIP to Broadway actor Nick Cordero, who died on Sunday after a harrowing months-long battle with COVID-19. Cordero’s wife Amanda Kloots announced his passing on Instagram. The couple have one child together: a son named Elvis who turned one year old last month

THE BLASTLikewise, Rest in Peace to Charlie Daniels, who suffered a stroke today and died in a Tennessee hospital. It was Daniels’ second stroke in ten years; the “Devil Went Down To Georgia” singer was 83 years old

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUP“ana Duggar may be 30 and still single, but the Counting On star says she’s “not that worried” about it (unlike her family and the show’s producers, who constantly badger poor Jana about her unmarried status)”

DLISTEDAccording to Brian Austin Green, Courtney Stodden torpedoed any chance she might have had at a second date with him when she shared the video of the two of them in the hot tub

GO FUG YOURSELFBen Affleck has Ana de Armas in absolute stitches in this latest set of pap stroll pics, but there is just no way he’s that funny. Maybe Ana is actually wincing and holding her thigh because a bird flew into her. It seems more likely

JEZEBEL“Leonardo DiCaprio’s Headband Era: The Aesthetics of the Off-Duty Heartthrob”

LAINEY GOSSIPFinally, here’s the first full-length trailer for the second wonky time travel movie coming out this summer. An American Pickle is about as far as you can get from Tenet both thematically and aesthetically, and it looks…really good? I say this as someone who cannot stand Seth Rogen: I will watch this movie

LINKS Ghislaine Maxwell arrested, Dina Manzo’s ex, Mary Trump’s book…

CELEBITCHYA little under a year of Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged suicide while awaiting trial on human trafficking and sex crimes charges, here’s surprising news of Ghislane Maxwell arrested by the FBI on similar charges. Maxwell, who’s been accused of “help[ing] Epstein groom teen girls for sex with the rich and powerful,” is now formally charged with just that. She’s expected to appear in court later today to answer to a charge of “conspiracy to entice minors to travel to engage in illegal sex acts”

REALITY TEADina Manzo’s ex-husband Tommy, who has ties to the Lucchese crime family and whose wedding reception to Dina was apparently full of Lucchese family associates, pleaded not guilty to the charge of hiring a hitman to attack and / or kill Dina’s now-husband, David Cantin. If that sentence wasn’t long enough for you, don’t worry — there’s a *ton* more to this story

JEZEBEL“Just a day after a judge temporarily blocked the release of a tell-all memoir by Donald Trump’s niece, a judge at a higher court reversed the decision. What an emotional rollercoaster this has been—a rollercoaster that will be very, very good for sales”

VOXSenators Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris both lead the public opinion polls on whom Joe Biden should choose for his running mate. Biden isn’t said to be near a decision and there’s not really a firm deadline for his selection anyway, but it makes for some (relatively) fun speculation during this time of nonsense

THE BLASTChristina Ricci called the cops on her husband last week following a “brutal domestic violence incident” that apparently included Ricci husband spitting on her

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUP“Fired Vanderpump Rules Star Kristen Doute Defends Herself After Receiving Criticism for Supporting Medical Marijuana”

PAJIBA“When Her Child Crashes a Live Broadcast, Dr. Clare Wenham Gracefully Manages Parenting and Work.” (Now with a bonus follow-up on where they decided to hang the unicorn!)

GO FUG YOURSELFToday, in Oh Why Not: “Don’t Ask Me Why I Decided to Look at the Premiere of Waterworld.” (Perhaps telling: Nobody really looks excited to be there)

LAINEY GOSSIPAna de Armas and Ben Affleck have been a couple for six months, though gossip sites have been feasting on their near-daily coronavirus strolls for a full three. Discouragingly, both Ben and Ana appear to be firmly in the mask-free camp

DLISTEDBrian Austin Green has a full calendar despite the pandemic: a week after the 46-year-old was spotted out with Courtney Stodden, Green went on another first date, this time with an Australian model named Tina Louise


LINKS Evelyn Lozada OnlyFans, Love Is Blind cheating, Trump COVID conspiracy…

THE BLASTIt’ll likely be awhile before Basketball Wives — or any big name reality show for that matter — starts filming again, so it shouldn’t come as a huge surprise that there’s now an Evelyn Lozada OnlyFans. Evelyn just opened up her account on the formerly adult star-heavy platform; she’s charging $25 a month for foot fetish content (for now)

REALITY TEAIt seems Mark from Love Is Blind, whose big crime on the show was being younger than the woman he loved, has gone and upped his disgrace game. Mark reportedly cheated on his post-show girlfriend LC (who was on Love Is Blind for a minute) at some point during the coronavirus pandemic, which is unhealthy for all sorts of different reasons. Oh, and he may have also cheated on Jessica while Love Is Blind was filming?

JEZEBELNow here’s a death cult conspiracy theory to perk your ears up: “Is Donald Trump Trying to Catch the Coronavirus to Get Out of Doing His Job?” (The obvious answer is “No, letting himself be surrounded by people who’ve tested positive for COVID-19 is just representative of his decision-making process and presidency in general,” but it’s still an intriguing thought!)

GO FUG YOURSELFSomehow there was a movie premiere in Hollywood this week? The movie is called aTypical Wednesday, it got screened on a rooftop with the audience sitting in fancy deck chairs spaced well apart from each other, and a bunch of big names posed with and without their masks — so, successful pandemic premiere?

LAINEY GOSSIPJenny Slate announced she’ll no longer voice a biracial character on Big Mouth (Netflix), which then prompted Kristen Bell to say she’s not going to voice a biracial character on Central Park (Apple+)

PAJIBAThe premise of Netflix’s new movie 365 Days sounds like a drunken idea from the first Love Is Blind pitch, and apparently the movie itself, while full of nudity and simulated sex and other such things designed to generate attention, is pretty lukewarm trash

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPI said “big-name reality show” in the paragraph on the Evelyn Lozada OnlyFans above because it seems The Hills: New Beginnings “is set to resume filming on Season 2 this summer.” The show had only begun filming its second season when everything came to a halt this past March; currently, the production team is looking to restart things “at the end of July or in early August

VOXThe ongoing pandemic has given rise to the virtual wedding — particularly in Washington DC, where couples can officiate their own ceremonies. Seems like it would be especially tough to have a virtual wedding feel intimate, but these couples are making it work

CELEBITCHYIf you remember the name of former YouTube celebrity Myka Stauffer, it’s almost certainly because a few weeks ago she revealed that she and her husband had “rehomed” their adopted son Huxley. Myka has finally offered a lengthy statement on the matter, one that basically boils down to her regret that she wasn’t “able to tell more of my story from the beginning” and other language that blames her four-year-old for what happened

DLISTEDDisney is going to “reimagin[e]” its famed Splash Mountain ride after enough people realized it’s based on the semi-obscure, definitely racist 1946 movie Song of the South for the company to do something about that. The new ride –it’ll still be the same ride, just different-looking — will be based on The Princess and the Frog

LINKS Danny Masterson arrested, Peter Hunziker fired, Mary Trump’s tell-all…

CELEBITCHYAfter years of hearing gossip about former That 70s Show star Danny Masterson being an alleged rapist and sexual predator, you could be forgiven for thinking news of Danny Masterson arrested on rape charges would never come. But yesterday, Masterson was indeed arrested on three separate counts of rape stemming from incidents at his home from 2001 to 2003

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPPeter Hunziker is now a former star of Below Deck Mediterranean — the ex-Bravolebrity got the ax yesterday, after sharing a racist meme on his IG stories just last week (!). You’d think racist celebrities would at least keep quieter than usual right now, but apparently Hunziker wanted to double down instead…

REALITY TEA…and, since his firing, he’s claimed to be the *opposite* of a racist, offering as proof the claim that he’s “VERY sexually active with all races.” So was Thomas Jefferson

JEZEBELReturning to political gossip for a moment: Mary Trump, the 55-year-old niece of the current president of the United States, is publishing a family tell-all next month. Entitled Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man, the memoir will reportedly offer yet more proof that Donald Trump is a terrible person

PAJIBAIn further terrible person news, it seems that comedian Chris D’Elia may have been a sexual predator for years: “A number of young women have used [Twitter] to come forward with allegations that the stand-up comedian attempted to groom them for sexual favors when many of them were underage”

DLISTED“I definitely would not have bet my last $20 on the chance that I would be talking about Kristen Stewart getting cast as Princess Diana in a biopic about Diana’s last days as Prince Charles’ wife. But this is where the universe has led us”

THE BLASTKyle Richards should maybe be paying closer attention

VOXFormer National Security Adviser John Bolton has a bunch of tea on America’s current president that he chose to keep to himself during the impeachment proceedings (remember those?) so he could release them in book form and make himself a nice little profit

LAINEY GOSSIPThe Cristin Milioti and Andy Samberg time loop romance Palm Springs, which drops on Hulu next month, now has a trailer. It looks pretty amusing and I’ll watch Cristin Milioti in anything, but I have to say that this looks a lot like Russian Doll

GO FUG YOURSELF“Happy Anniversary of the Time Gwendoline Christie Wore This Great Flamingo Dress: It’s an adorable dress AND it would be fantastic bedspread for the guest room in your summer home in Boca Raton. Ladies! Invest in a formal gown that can do both!”


LINKS Vanderpump Rules firings, JK Rowling fallout, Big Brother All-Stars…

REALITY TEAPredictably, the Vanderpump Rules firings have stirred up plenty of commentary among both the show’s viewers and the former stars’ fellow Bravo reality stars. Nene Leakes, Reza Farahan, Candiace Dillard, Wendy Osefo, and Mariah Huq are just some of the Bravolebrities speaking out publicly in praise of the network’s decision to fire four #PumpRules cast members over racist comments — among them Statti Schroeder and Kristen Doute

DLISTEDThe fallout continues over JK Rowling’s anti-trans comments and Rowling’s attempt to make up for those comments with an explanatory essay that just made things worse. In addition to Harry Potter stars Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson speaking out in defense of the trans community, Eddie Redmayne — who was in Fantastic Beasts and played a trans woman in The Danish Girl back in 2015 — also spoke out against Rowling’s comments

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPIt looks like CBS might be trying to put together an All-Star cast of former Big Brother participants to film a new season — the show’s 22nd — this coming summer. Coronavirus worries reportedly have a lot of the former cast saying no or hedging their bets, but it’s still to early to say whether the idea will or won’t go forward

PAJIBASesame Street did a special episode called “Coming Together” about the racial protests currently forcing a long overdue conversation on race; Tucker Carlson saw it as an opportunity to go in on Elmo

VOX“Merriam-Webster has a new definition of ‘racism’: The revised definition will include systemic oppression”

LAINEY GOSSIPThe first proper teaser trailer for the new Bill & Ted movie is here. The movie, entitled Bill & Ted Face The Music, had its trailer released on June 9th “because 69 is the magic number”

CELEBITCHYFor reasons that aren’t entirely clear, Brad Pitt attended a 50,000-person-strong Hollywood protest in support of George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter movement this weekend…but Brad chose to attend by just riding his motorcycle around the proceedings, never actually getting off and joining the crowd

GO FUG YOURSELF“It’s the Four-Year Anniversary of this Perfect Dress” — specifically, the Tetris-themed one Lupita Nyongo wore to the 2016 Tony Awards

JEZEBELThis headline was made for summer nostalgia and pandemic lockdown debate, have at it: “Joey and Pacey Made Dawson’s Creek the Deepest Show on Television”

THE BLASTAnd a little something to take the edge off: “Olympic Gymnasts Nastia Liukin & Shawn Johnson Compete To Put Their Shirts On Upside Down”

LINKS Lea Michele’s apology, Keke Palmer vs National Guard, Lovecraft Country trailer…

CELEBITCHYAfter getting called out for her wishy-washy statement on racism and past Karen-ish behavior on Glee, Lea Michele started getting dropped by major sponsors. So then she tried to apologize for the whole thing — but Lea Michele’s apology, as you probably could have guessed, is not as sincere as one might have hoped

THE BLASTBy contrast, Keke Palmer went viral and is still getting showered with praise for taking a brave stand and trying to get members of the National Guard to stand down and side with protesters in Hollywood this week

VOXThere’s a new trailer for Lovecraft Country, Jordan Peele and Misha Greene’s new HBO series based on the novel of the same name, and it couldn’t be timelier: The trailer “all but strips away the incorporeal monsters in favor of focusing on a much more familiar source of fear: police brutality”

PAJIBAOn the other hand, Space Force, Netflix’s latest original series, evidently manages to waste the considerable talents of its cast on a show that can’t hope to be “dumber and more absurd” than the real-life presidential “brain fart” upon which it’s based

LAINEY GOSSIPIn further TV news, Mad Men is about to leave Netflix; the 2020 streamer of the show will notice some timely comparisons with the current national discourse / argument over systemic racism and sexism and the power structures that keep those systems alive

DLISTEDThe CW isn’t going to try to recast Ruby Rose’s character after the Australian actress abruptly left Batwoman a couple of weeks back; instead, the network is going to pick up where the show left off and simply base it on a brand new characrer, to be played by a brand new LGBTW actress

GO FUG YOURSELFYou try finding a better rhyme for “Bjork”

JEZEBEL“Lady Gaga’s Chromatica Shoots for Another Planet, But Lands Right Back on Earth”

REALITY TEA“Kristen Doute Let Ariana Madix & Brittany Cartwright Read What She Wrote About Tom Sandoval & Jax Taylor In Her New Book Before Publishing”

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPEvery day, Kathryn Dennis undoes a little bit more of the image overhaul work professional PR people have done for her (& over the unpaid wages for which Dennis is now being sued)