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EXCLUSIVE MY 600 LB LIFE Assanti Brothers update: Justin accuses production company of blackmail, manipulation in deleted post

We’re just days away from their fourth My 600 Lb Life episode, and Steven and Justin Assanti have both been hard at work driving up expectations. In the latest Assanti Brothers update, Justin shared some secrets about how the show gets made, and leveled some pretty serious accusations against Megalomedia, My 600 Lb Life‘s production company. He quickly deleted his original post, but we’ve been able to recover and reproduce it.

EXCLUSIVE My 600 Lb Life Brianne today: Q&A on the show; new weight loss pics with other cast members

Brianne Smith Dias was one of the breakout stars of My 600 Lb Life Season 7, and she’s been hard at work on a follow-up episode. For our update on My 600 Lb Life Brianne today, we managed to get an exclusive Q&A, plus with a few new pics of Brianne alongside some of her cast mates from seasons past! Keep reading for all the good tea from Brianne herself!

PHOTOS MY 600 LB LIFE Lashanta White still mum on follow up, offers encouraging new weight loss pics

Lashanta White from My 600 Lb Life took a long time to get her weight loss journey going — but once Dr. Now finally convinced her to change her ways, the Season 7 cast member started shedding the pounds. How is she today? We’ve got a My 600 Lb Life Lashanta update complete with her latest pics, plus new info on how to keep up with her on social media.

PHOTOS My 600 Lb Life Angie J update: Claims she’s approved for weight loss surgery, husband Justin walked out on her

Angela Johns was maybe the most controversial My 600 Lb Life Season 7 cast member, and it doesn’t look like that controversy will die down now that her episode has aired. She’s now claiming that she’s been approved for weight loss surgery — keep reading our My 600 Lb Life Angie J update for the latest, including Angie’s most recent before-and-after pics.

MY 600 LB LIFE Angie J, tired of ‘sitting on the sideline for everything,’ vows to make a change

Angela Dunham-Jones has, by her own admission, been “sitting on the sideline” her whole life. Her story is unfortunately familiar to My 600 Lb Life viewers — but did the My 600 Lb Life Angie J episode show the Ohioan getting the help she needs? Or will Angela and her husband keep struggling to have the lives they both want?