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Non-profit helps bullied teens get plastic surgery

The Little Baby Face Foundation, a NYC nonprofit, is offering a controversial service: free plastic surgery for low-income teens with facial deformities. NBC's Dateline followed the story of four of these teens, including 15-year-old Renata, a young girl who used to compete in beauty pageants, but has been homeschooled for three years because of the torment she received in school.

Melissa Gilbert has breast implants removed, says ‘I am concerned for my health’

On New Year's Eve former Little House on the Prairie star Melissa Gilbert penned a lengthy, insightful and quite humorous blog post announcing she was planning on having her breast plants removed. In the post, titled "A Tale of Two Titties," she reflects on her career in Hollywood and how from a very young age she was pressured into thinking she needed to "improve" her looks -- which not only meant larger breasts, but an altered nose as well. She even revealed that during the last few seasons of Little House she "was made to wear a padded bra."