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Scott Disick reportedly ordered to ‘give up sex for a year’ as Kourtney decides whether to take him back

The Scott Disick Kourtney Kardashian rumors are spreading quickly, as Scott enters his third week in rehab. Hot on the heels of reports of a Kourtney Kardashian feud with mom Kris Jenner over Kris' visits with Scott comes the allegation that Scott has been advised to give up sex...for an entire year. Why? And would doing so help his chances at winning Kourtney back? Read on for the very latest.

Scott Disick rehab update: Kris Jenner visits, brings his children for support

According to the latest Scott Disick rehab update, Kardashian family matriarch Kris Jenner has paid the troubled 32-year-old a visit in his Malibu rehab facility–and she brought along Disick's three children for moral support. Sources close to both Disick and the Kardashian-Jenner alliance say Kourtney's estranged long-term boyfriend is doing much better, and is working to exorcise the "demons" from his life.

Scott Disick rehab: Given ‘ultimatum’ by Kourtney, he flies to Las Vegas to be with Lamar Odom

According to new reports, Scott Disick's second stint in rehab was inspired by an "ultimatum" he received from ex Kourtney Kardashian–one that involved getting clean or losing any chance at custody of the pair's three children. However, after learning of Lamar Odom's shocking news, Scott has temporarily left his Malibu rehab center to be by Odom's side. Read on for the latest...

Duggar family: Josh Duggar checked into a long-term treatment center, he “brought great insult” to our values

The Duggar family announced today that Josh Duggar has checked into a long-term treatment center that will help with his "journey toward wholeness and recovery." Jim Bob and Michelle also admonished their son's actions. Read their whole statement and find out about the questions it leaves unanswered.