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Scott Disick rehab update: Kourtney Kardashian finally visits; Kris Jenner ‘begging’ to let cameras in

The latest Scott Disick rehab update is a busy one indeed. Estranged partner Kourtney Kardashian has finally relented and visited Scott in rehab, with their children in tow...but Kourtney's feud with mom Kris, who is reportedly "begging" to have a camera crew film Scott's recovery, is only getting worse.

REPORT ‘Selfish’ Kylie Jenner ‘demands’ her own TV show, ‘refuses’ to work with sister Kendall or mom Kris

According to several reports, the latest Kylie Jenner feud is a war at home–and it's starting to heat up something fierce. Kylie, 18, is apparently not happy with the level of televisual respect her family has been granting her; now, she's not only asking for a release from her Keeping Up With The Kardashians duties, she wants her own show, as well...and not just a spin-off with big sister Kendall, either.

REPORT Is Kourtney Kardashian feuding with Kris Jenner? Daughter ‘furious’ over mom’s visits with Scott Disick

According to several new reports, the rumors of a Kourtney Kardashian feud are true–and the feud is with mother Kris Jenner. Kourtney doesn't like Kris visiting Scott Disick during Scott's fourth try at rehab; in addition to that, she has a very specific reason for wanting Kris, along with the rest of her family, to stay away.

Kylie Jenner and Tyga drama: Did he cheat with Blac Chyna while trying to get back with Kylie?

The latest turn in the ongoing Kylie Jenner and Tyga drama is a sharp one–and, as is often the case, it involves Tyga's baby mama Blac Chyna. According to statements recently made by Blac's BFF Amber Rose, Tyga was trying to get with Blac at the same time he was trying to get back into Kylie's arms. Kylie denies the rumors...but could they be true?

Kendall Jenner feuding with Kylie over Tyga: ‘He ruins the sister vibe!’

Kendall Jenner feuding with Kylie doesn't happen very often–and, when it does, it's often no big deal: the two are sisters, after all. The latest feud between the young KJs might fun a bit deeper, though, as it concerns the love of 18-year-old Kylie's life. According to Kendall, having Tyga around "ruins the sister vibe," and she's not afraid to let Kylie know it. Read on to check out the video!