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How much do HGTV stars make? Tarek and Christina, Property Brothers, more earnings revealed

How much do HGTV stars make? The question is a hot one, given the increasing popularity of the network and its biggest names (and the prevalence of house flipping and home improvement in general). There's a big difference, though, between what these personalities pull in per episode of their programming and what they actually earn based on their popularity. How big is that difference? Read on to find out.

Fixer Upper’s Chipper Gaines rings in 2016 with touching tribute to wife Joanna

When you think "Fixer Upper Chipper Gaines," you probably think of Chip's wacky antics on he and wife Joanna's hugely popular HGTV show. You might also think of some of the sweeter moments between Chip and his four children. With the latest Magnolia Market blog post, though, Chip Gaines toasts 2015 and rings in 2016 by celebrating everything Joanna Gaines means to him. Read on to see the loving tribute!

Frequently asked questions about HGTV’s Fixer Upper, including the Fixer Upper children’s names

What are the Fixer Upper children's names? How much do Chip and Joanna make per episode? And do the families on the show get to keep all the furniture after the reveal? HGTV's hit show Fixer Upper just debuted its third season, and is drawing more viewers than ever for the network. A lot of those viewers are brand-new to the show, and the increase in publicity that stars Joanna and Chipper Gaines are doing to promote it means that there's more Fixer Upper information than ever to sort through. To help you out, we've compiled a list of some of the most common questions about Fixer Upper.

PHOTOS Here’s everything we know about the Fixer Upper B&B (so far)

Ever since Joanna Gaines dropped a hint about a Fixer Upper B&B, fans of the HGTV hit have been salivating at the prospect of staying at a Magnolia Homes-themed hotel. Now that the new season of Fixer Upper has premiered, more details about the Fixer Upper B&B have leaked out–including a contest involving a decadent getaway at the venue itself! To find out what you need to know, read on.

How much would it cost to decorate your house like a Fixer Upper reveal?

What's the unofficial Fixer Upper reveal cost? How much will a  Fixer Upper reveal set you back? It's Tuesday, December first, which means that the hashtag #seasonthreeiscoming is officially retired: we've moved on to #seasonthreeishere! HGTV's hit show Fixer Upper will premiere all-new episodes starting tonight at 9 PM EST. In order to help celebrate, we thought we would try to answer another burning Fixer Upper-based question–namely, that of the reveal cost of the homes featured on the show.