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HGTV Fixer Upper homes for rent stem from unexpected controversy

Are any of the HGTV Fixer Upper homes for rent? It's a question commonly asked with regard to the massively popular home improvement show. And, until recently, the answer was a solid "No." When the show's success led a few enterprising former clients of Chip and Joanna Gaines to turn their sought-after homes into a business opportunity, though, things got a little uncomfortable. Read on to find out about the controversy...

Is Magnolia House open? Chip and Joanna announce new dates for Fixer Upper B&B

Is Magnolia House open? Fans of the official Fixer Upper B&B have been clamoring for a chance to stay inside Chip and Joanna's elaborate home ever since it opened, to great fanfare, late last year. Fortunately for the Gaines' many devoteés, new dates are about to become available for booking–read on to find out how you can reserve a spot for yourself!

PHOTO New Joanna Gaines blog post about parenting goes viral for all the right reasons

It's been a week, but the viral spread of one special post from the Joanna Gaines blog shows no signs of slowing. Joanna shared a sweet photo of she and Chip's daughter Emmie staring out the window in her bedroom, and captioned it with a message of love and hope for all present and future parents. Read on to see why Joanna's message has resonated so powerfully with her Fixer Upper fanbase.

Everyone rejoice: Chip and Joanna are putting out a Fixer Upper magazine

Chip and Joanna Gaines' ever-expanding media empire continues: behold, the coming of the Fixer Upper magazine! Earlier today, the most famous couple on HGTV announced their newest endeavor–following in the already-successful footsteps of their forthcoming memoir The Magnolia Story; Magnolia Market's move into downtown Waco's Fixer Upper silos; the Fixer Upper B&B, the Magnolia Market bakery; and of course, the fourth season of Fixer Upper itself.

New Fixer Upper episodes promise huge guest stars (and some very small ones)

Fans of the HGTV smash hit Fixer Upper don't have long to wait for to get their next big helping of the Gainses. New Fixer Upper episodes have been filming for weeks, and Fixer Upper Season 4 is expected to air this autumn–if not sooner, given the tremendous success of the show. To whet your appetite, we've put together a rundown of all the guest stars you can expect to see when the new Fixer Upper episodes roll out–read on to check out the list, and to get the latest speculation about the show!

Clint Harp’s Fixer Upper spin-off, ‘Against the Grain,’ set to premiere on DIY

How old is Clint Harp? How did he get started in the woodworking trade? How big is his family? And is he getting his own show? The Fixer Upper mainstay and craftsman extraordinaire has a brand-new pilot, Against The Grain, which airs tonight on HGTV. Though an entire series hasn't yet been confirmed, Clint says he's astonished to have made it as far as he has in such a short time–especially since had a completely different life only a few years ago! Read on to find out more about Against the Grain, and to get answers to all your Clint Harp-related questions.