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PHOTO Jackie Christie daughter drama: Third-degree burns, unpaid medical bills open family-wide rift

Basketball Wives LA's Jackie Christie daughter drama is always close to the surface, thanks to ongoing tension between herself and estranged daughter Takari. This week, as BBWLA prepped its Season 5 reunion, that drama bubbled over thanks to a heated dispute between Jackie and Takari over Takari's son suffering a painful accident at daycare–and the four-figure medical bill that ensued. Read on for a complete breakdown of the incident, including a photo of Takari's poor son Jaxson taken after he suffered burns to his face–and to get the latest response from Jackie...

VIDEO LHH Houston canceled? Jhonni Blaze creates fresh drama for upcoming show

Given all the LHH Houston canceled rumors flying over the past few months–and one report suggesting that the show's production had shut down completely for an indefinite period–you could be forgiven for forgetting that the show existed, let alone that it's still being filmed. If new cast member Jhonni Blaze is any indication, though, we can expect some seriously high-octane drama from the first season of the newest member of the Love & Hip Hop family! Read on for details about Jhonni's doins, including a controversial new element to her stripping career!

PHOTOS Nicole Curtis’ baby’s father wins court battle in custody dispute

The identity of Nicole Curtis' 15-month-old son's father has emerged. Unfortunately for the Rehab Addict star, the reveal came in the midst of a bitter court battle over custody and visitation right for the child–a battle that saw Curtis risk jail time on contempt of court charges. It looks like the dust has settled; read on for the details...

LHHATL Season 6 cast: Stevie J and Joseline reportedly not welcome back, getting their own shows instead

While most of the LHHATL Season 6 cast has yet to be determined, a series of new reports appears to have it on good authority that two of the show's most high-profile members will not be coming back. Both Stevie J and Joseline have allegedly been told that their contracts won't be renewed; read on for the full report, along with a recap of the role they played in the show's most over-the-top season yet.

Is the Designated Survivor real? How is the Designated Survivor chosen? Real-life answers to the ABC drama’s questions

Is the Designated Survivor real? How is she chosen? And where does she go? Kiefer Sutherland's return to TV depicts a presidential nightmare:the President of the United States, almost all of his Cabinet, and almost every member of Congress are killed in a terror attack during the State of the Union address. Sutherland, in the title role, portrays the Designated Survivor: the one man held back in order to assume the Presidency in the event of a disaster. But is that a real thing, or was it just made up for TV?

BBWLA DJ Duffey casts aside haters and drama, embraces the love with fiancé Iman Shokouhizadeh

Is DJ Duffey still engaged? You could be forgiven for assuming that things between Duffey and her fiancé, NBA agent Iman Shokouhizadeh, had fallen apart, considering how tense the drama between Duffey and her Basketball Wives LA castmates has gotten. But, despite a recent dressing-down from star (and creator, and executive producer) Shaunie O' Neal, the Dallas-born, LA-based entertainer has no worries–read on to find out why!

LHHH Masika Kalysha baby daughter photo gallery & baby daddy drama rundown

The Masika Kalysha baby daughter storyline has finally reached its climax on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood–and Masika herself has taken to Instagram to share a bevy of photos of little Khari Barbie Maxwell, including a few new shots! Keep reading to see the entire photo gallery, and to get the latest on the baby drama involving baby daddy Fetty Wap!

The Kardashian family might be staging an intervention to free Kylie Jenner from her Tyga addiction

Did Tyga propose to Kylie? Rumors about the two continue to fly–and they've gotten so serious that the rest of Kylie's family has reportedly planned an honest-to-God intervention to help 19-year-old Kylie kick her inexplicable addiction to the 26-year-old Tygster. But if the latest reports are any indication, the two are closer than ever: read on for the latest!

PHOTOS Does Fetty Wap have a son? Complete list of kids & baby mamas for Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star

Does Fetty Wap have a son? The Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star's most high-profile baby drama has been his paternity fight with co-star Masika Kalysha, but he and Masika's daughter Khari is actually the 25-year-old rapper's third child to date. Keep reading to check out a collection of photos of his two other children, and to find out a bit about each.

VIDEO LHHH Masika Kalysha claps back against Fetty Wap, reveals she discovered pregnancy during boob job consultation

The Masika Kalysha baby isn't the only thing causing drama for the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star & baby daddy Fetty Wap. According to Masika, Fetty–and his social media outbursts–are not making things easy for her, nor are the constant rumors about the drama that led to their baby's birth in the first place. Plus, Masika found out she was pregnant with Fetty's child on what might have been the worst possible day-read on for the video of her description!

LHHH Willie Taylor’s alleged ex Kyesha Shalina says she’s over him, debuts new song

LHHH Who is Kyesha? The most surprising new member of the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood cast made her big debut this past week, showing up and sharing a tale of adultery and baby mama drama that left Willie Taylor and his wife Shanda bug-eyed. Read on to find out more about Kyesha, including her budding music career–and whether or not her story is legit!