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CHRISLEY KNOWS BEST Chloe’s mom Angela Johnson arrested for medicaid fruad

The legal issues continue for the Chrisley family from the USA reality series Chrisley Knows Best. Early last month, Todd Chrisley’s estranged sister-in-law Pamela Chrisley was jailed for allegedly blackmailing the Chrisley clan, and now the mother of Todd’s grandchild Chloe, Angela Johnson, is behind bars for reportedly defrauding Medicaid!


Kyle Chrisley records song about dad Todd Chrisley with wife Alexus

There have been a lot of angry words exchanged between Chrisley Knows Best patriarch Todd Chrisley and his estranged son Kyle Chrisley over the last couple of years, but did you know some of those angry words were set to music? Keep reading to listen to Kyle and his wife Alexus show off their shade singing skills in the song “Shame On You.”

Todd Chrisley’s mother Faye: Pamela Chrisley threatened to ‘bash my brains’

As we previously reported, Todd Chrisley's soon-to-be former sister-in-law Pamela Chrisley was arrested on Friday for allegedly trying to blackmail the Chrisley family for money in exchange for not selling "family secrets" to the media. Affidavits from Todd Chrisley and his mother, Faye Chrisley, have recently surfaced online, and they detail some of the harassment and alleged threats made by Pamela over the last few months. In addition, they claim that Pamela has a similar history with a previous mother-in-law that also led to an arrest! Oh, and Todd reveals that his son Kyle's wife Alexus is also being sued for extortion!

Read Pamela Chrisley’s post threatening Todd Chrisley’s family prior to her arrest

Chrisley Knows Best star Todd Chrisley and his family are once again in the headlines for legal drama. Todd's sister-in-law Pamela Chrisley was arrested in South Carolina on Friday for allegedly blackmailing the Chrisley clan by threatening to sell a story about them to the National Enquirer. Keep reading for Todd's statement on the arrest–as well as Pamela's lengthy Facebook post from January, in which she goes off on the Chrisley family and reveals that she knows "family secrets that could destroy them."

Can Todd Chrisley sing? Reality TV star signs major music deal

Can Todd Chrisley sing and write music? The powers that be must think so, because the Chrisley Knows Best patriarch recently signed a sweet deal with a major music publisher. For starters, Chrisley will work with a couple of Nashville heavyweights–and the whole process is being documented for the fourth season of CNB, which premieres tomorrow! Read on for a sneak peek.

What is Todd Chrisley’s net worth? Chrisley Knows Best patriarch bounces back from crushing bankruptcy case

The Todd Chrisley net worth question is fresh in fans' (and detractors') minds, now that Chrisley Knows Best has been renewed once more. How much money is Todd Chrisley worth? How does he make the bulk of his money these days? And how did he resolve that massive, $45 million bankruptcy claim? Read on for the answers that you seek.