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New pics of Little Women: LA star Terra Jolé’s baby girl; plus, the couple reveal the challenges of caring for an infant as a little person

After finding out they were pregnant, Terra Jolé and Joe Gnoffo realized their world would be flipped upside down. The couple recently opened up about parenthood, the love they have for their baby girl, and the unexpected challenges of caring for an infant as a little person. Read on to get all the details plus see the adorable pics of Baby Penelope.

Get to know Joe, Terra’s boyfriend, from Little Women: L.A.

Terra and Joe, stars of Little Women: L.A., are keeping a mighty busy schedule. In addition to welcoming their first child this month, they are balancing two busy show biz careers and an upcoming reality show. We’ve gotten to known Joe as a drummer who often leaves to go on tour. Even though it’s no secret Joe’s in a band, little is ever mentioned about it– until now! Find out more about Terra’s boyfriend Joe.


VIDEO Trailer for Little Women: LA spin-off Terra’s Little Family starring Terra Jolé and Joe Gnoffo

Lifetime announces that pregnant Little Women: LA star Terra Jolé will be getting her own spin-off series titled Little Women: Terra’s Little Family documenting the rest of her pregnancy and birth of her baby. Filmed in near real time, the series will be ten episodes and will premiere April 8. Keep reading for more info, including a teaser trailer announcing the series!

Little Women LA’s Terra Jole’s pregnancy faces a 25% chance of serious complications

While all the fabulous ladies on Lifetime's Little Women: LA seemed to be trying for babies, Terra Jole, the one who didn't think she was ready for kids, got pregnant first. She and her long-time boyfriend Joe soon settled into the idea, but they still faced some uncertainty about the health of their child since they both suffered from kinds of dwarfism.