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SPOILERS Did Stevie J and Promise B Mae have a child together? New LHHATL clip leaks

Stevie J and Promise B Mae are about to know each other a while lot better, if recent Love & Hip Hop Atlanta promos are any indication. The last episode of the drama-tastic show featured Stevie getting hit with a potential bombshell: namely, that he got Promise pregnant three years ago, and they now have a two-year-old child. But are the rumors true? It looks like a clip from the forthcoming episode might have leaked–and, if it's genuine, it solves the mystery of the missing love child...

How many kids and baby mamas does Stevie J have? Complete list for LHHATL star

How many kids does Stevie J have? And with how many different women? The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star is well-known for his prolific ways. And, given that his most recent plotline involves a potential surprise child he had with Cierra Washington two years ago, the numbers should come as no surprise to viewers. Read on for a full rundown of Stevie J's children, including photos of each!

Who is Stevie J’s baby mama? LHHATL star’s reported other woman steps forward

The revelation of Stevie J's baby mama is probably the only logical conclusion to what has been the most tumultuous month in the producer's drama-filled time on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. Stevie, who is currently locked in the middle of an extraordinarily bitter social media war with soon-to-be-ex-wife Joseline Hernandez, now has to deal with the emergence of an old flame...who says she's got some big news about the child she birthed after she and Stevie J had their frolic together?! Read on for the woman's name and her salacious story!

VIDEO Mimi Faust admits she was ‘smiling’ as Joseline broke down over Stevie J’s affair

Mimi Faust and Stevie J have a long history together, which might be part of why she's riding high on Stevie and Joseline's misfortune following a series of Twitter attacks by Stevie's ex Joseline. One day after Joseline claimed that Stevie J is secretly gay, Mimi admitted to VH1's cameras she couldn't help but be a little bit pleased by Joseline's misfortune, now that the shoe is on the other foot where Stevie's drama is concerned.

PHOTO Chris Gould confirms breakup with LHHATL’s Mimi Faust

It looks like the Mimi Faust Chris Gould split is real–meaning that the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star's newest relationship ended almost before viewers got a chance to watch the drama unfold. Following an over-the-top introduction to Mimi and Chris in the first episode of LHHATL Season 5, the Mimi-Chris storyline got less and less airtime, and was capped off by some serious shade that Chris recently threw on social media.

Did Mimi Faust and Chris Gould split? LHHATL star’s boyfriend shades show & entire cast

Though their Love and Hip Hop Atlanta introduction came just a few weeks ago, it's looking like a Mimi Faust and Chris Gould split is a very real possibility, thanks to some eyebrow-raising posts Chris shared–and then deleted–on her Instagram page. In the posts, which were captred by fans before being taken down, Chris rants against the entire LHHATL cast, the show itself, and Mimi Faust! Read on for the latest....

How much does Mimi Faust make from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta?

How much does Mimi Faust make on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta? And how does that amount of money compare to her reported net worth? Mimi's been an LHHATL cast member since the show's premiere, which means her financial state has likely benefited more than almost anyone else's from the show's popularity. Read on to get the details on Mimi's impressive bankroll!

PHOTOS Who is Mimi Faust’s girlfriend, Chris Gould?

LHHATL viewers were treated to a bevy of shocks during last week's Season 5 premiere, but perhaps nothing was more surprising than the reveal of Mimi Faust's new boo–who turned out to be a woman!  Mimi admitted that she'd been keeping the relationship a secret, sharing it with only her daughter and one friend, but was now ready to go public. So–who is Mimi Faust's girlfriend, Chris Gould? Read on for a bio, a handful of photos, and the back story on how the two women met from Chris herself!

LHHATL’s Stevie J starts feud with Mimi Faust over her girlfriend, then appears to call truce

Is there a Stevie J feud brewing with former boo Mimi Faust? It looked like the two Love & Hip Hop Atlanta stars were on a collision course earlier this week, thanks to an unflattering comment Stevie made about Mimi's new girlfriend. If their social media accounts are any indication, though, the pair might have smoothed things over–read on for the latest...

LHHATL Season 5 new cast info and extended preview

VH1 has just released a brand-new and extended LHHATL Season 5 new cast and preview trailer. Entitled "The Morning After," the clip features interviews with several of the Atlanta crew's biggest names, each of whom looks back on the "non-stop insanity, confusion, and mayhem" of Season 4 and wonders, in Rasheeda's words, "What the hell was I thinking?" Read on to find out what you should expect from Season 5–and to meet some of the biggest new names in the cast!

LHHATL Season 5 preview: Are Mimi Faust and Stevie J back together?

Mimi Faust and Stevie J look to be the most high-profile pairing on Love & Hop Hop Atlanta Season 5, but whether or not they're already back together is one of the network's most closely-guarded secrets. The couple appears to have been closer than ever over the past few weeks; and, with the LHHATL Season 5 premiere under a month away, fans are starting to churn the rumor mill once more. Read on for the latest!

UPDATE Stevie J and Mimi Faust claim no involvement in shooting, but evidence suggests otherwise

Stevie J and Mimi Faust have attempted to set the record straight following their alleged involvement in a nightclub brawl and subsequent massive shootout last weekend. Mimi claims that she and Stevie had nothing to do with the 40 to 50 shots fired at a luxury van reported to be their ride for the weekend–but a new report, complete with video, possibly contradicts Mimi's version of the truth.