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LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Michael sentenced for recent drug charge, Sarah shares relationship & pregnancy timeline plus updates

Love After Lockup star Michael Simmons was sentenced last week after being charged with felony drug possession back in December. We have all the details on his sentencing and current incarceration status, as well as Sarah's recent comments about her second pregnancy and where her relationship stands with Michael!

LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Sarah talks pregnancy, fake texts, Michael’s trip to Niagara Falls, and more

After Friday night's episode of Love After Lockup, Sarah took to Twitter to express her anger over the inaccuracies in the episode -- including her claim that she never texted Michael about his parole officer. Plus, Sarah also talks about her rumored second pregnancy on Instagram! Meanwhile, Megan posts photos with Michael and shares her fond memories from her romantic Niagara Falls deflowering.

Love After Lockup throwback photos for Brittany, Clint, Lizzie, Marcelino, Megan, Matt, and more!

Digging up all the interesting background stories on the cast of a prison romance reality series like Love After Lockup is pretty much a full-time job, but I thought I might take a break from all the criminal histories, previous marriages, secret children, and Little Debbie snack cake trailer crashes so that I could share a collection of throwback photos from the AMAZINGLY diverse and unique cast of Season 2.

How much money do the Love After Lockup cast members make?

Given the concept of the show WE tv's extremely popular prison romance reality series Love After Lockup, the cast members are often subjected to an inordinate amount of negativity and ridicule from fans. So, what is the price for that kind of exposure? How much money do the Love After Lockup cast member make?

WE tv extends Love After Lockup Season 2 with 10 MORE EPISODES!

For those viewers who simply cannot get enough of television's "guiltiest pleasure," WE tv has got some great news: the network has just announced that they have extended the second season of their popular prison romance reality series Love After Lockup with ten additional episodes!

LOVE AFTER LOCKUP SPOILERS Who did Michael choose? Plus Megan & Sarah feud on Twitter

Love After Lockup Season 2 features a love triangle between 26-year-old incarcerated felon Michael, his 28-year-old virgin fiancée Megan, and his 24-year-old wife Sarah, who also happens to be the mother of his child. Neither woman is aware of his relationship with the other, and both are planning to be there when he gets released. Find out which woman Michael chose (if either), and check out the bitter Twitter feud that erupted between the two ladies after Friday night's episode!

LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Michael arrested again, back behind bars EXCLUSIVE

The second season of WE tv's Love After Lockup has one of the most head-shaking story lines in the history of reality television as 28-year-old virgin Megan from Fort Worth Texas is engaged to convicted felon Michael, but Michael secretly got married to 24-year-old Sarah from Farmington, New York, who is also the mother of his child. So who will win this unenviable lottery once this ladies' man is finally released? The question appears to be moot because, according to jail records, Michael is already back behind bars.