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UNEXPECTED Caelan’s mom Shelly attacks ‘the queen’ McKayla Adkins for withholding kids, feud erupts

Unexpected mom McKayla Adkins recently gave birth to her second child, but the reality star's babymoon has been anything but calm and peaceful. In case you missed it, McKayla and Caelan broke up just before the birth of their daughter Gracelynn on January 29. The on-again, off-again couple have been struggling to co-parent since the recent split, and their struggles have apparently spread to co-grandparenting as well.

UNEXPECTED McKayla & Caelan break up, feud on Snapchat & Twitter

Pregnant Unexpected mom McKayla Adkins revealed earlier this week that she has moved out of her and boyfriend Caelan Morrison's rented house and back in with her grandparents. She instisted that she and Caelan had not broken up and that the move was a mutual decision, but that doesn't appear to have been the truth as the two attack each other on socia media and McKayla confess that they have indeed split -- very unamicably.

UNEXPECTED McKayla Adkins gender reveal video for 2nd pregnancy

It has been five months since Unexpected star McKayla Adkins found out that she is pregnant with her second child, but the prolific YouTuber had to remain silent on social media due to her contract with TLC. That all changed Sunday night when her pregnancy announcement was featured on the episode, and now McKayla is making up for lost time by posting videos updating her fans on her pregnancy -- including a gender reveal!

UNEXPECTED McKayla Adkins 2nd pregnancy update, is she still with Caelan?

On Sunday night's episode of Unexpected it was finally revealed that McKayla Adkins is pregnant for a second time, which we first reported early last month. The official reveal on the show meant that McKayla could finally talk about the pregnancy online, and she uploaded a YouTube video earlier today with updates recorded over the past few months.

UNEXPECTED McKayla Adkins moves into apartment with Caelan and Timothy

On the current season of TLC's Unexpected, mom McKayla Adkins' plan to move in with her mother Shannon was derailed after a tour by her grandparents Tim and Cindy revealed that her basement living space would not provide an ideal living situation for McKayla's young son Timothy. McKayla's dreams of moving out of her grandparents' house were not completely crushed, however, as she and Caelan have since gotten their very own apartment together!