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Love After Lockup Caitlin updates on Matt, regrets, more in ‘Life Goes On’ episode

The only couple from Love After Lockup Season 2 who did not return for the new spin-off Love After Lockup: Life After Lockup was Caitlin and her troubled ex-beau Matt Frasier. Fans eager for an update from the former jungle lovers got one on Friday when WE tv released a brand new episode of Love after Lockup: Life Goes On featuring Caitlin!

WE tv series Love After Lockup: Life Goes On with Johnna, Garrett, Caitlin, Matt, Mary & Dom

When WE tv announced their new Love After Lockup follow-up spin-off series Life After Lockup, a lot of fans (myself included) were disappointed that certain cast members from previous seasons were not included. It seems the network is aware of our collective sadness because they are releasing a new series titled Love After Lockup: Life Goes On with at least three couples not featured on Life After Lockup!

LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Top 7 things left out this season: marriages, children, arrests, etc.

The second season of Love After Lockup concluded Friday night, wrapping up one of the most dramatic and CUH-RAYZAY seasons in reality television history! Remarkably, even with all of the over-the-top drama, producers left a lot of HUGE events on the cutting room floor -- including multiple secret marriages, children, and arrests!

LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Caitlin still married to 2nd husband, he didn’t know about the show, plus Matt spoiler!

We previously reported that Love After Lockup star Caitlin was married twice before dating ex-convict Matt Frasier. But, it will probably shock some fans to know that she IS STILL MARRIED TO HER SECOND HUSBAND! We spoke with her husband, and he had A LOT to say about their relationship, not knowing about the show, and the current status of his wife's relationship with Matt!