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REPORT Amber Portwood and Matt Baier break up after he fails a lie detector test

It appears that Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood has finally seen the light in regards to her shifty beau Matt Baier. According to a new report, Matt is officially an eligible bachelor again after Amber had him take a lie detector test amid cheating allegations -- and he failed. UPDATE - Matt and Amber have responded to the story with both claiming they are still together -- although Matt was certainly a bit more passionate and verbose than Amber with his response.

Amber Portwood’s brother Shawn reacts to Matt Baier having so many kids

Amber Portwood's big brother Shawn Portwood has been VERY protective of his little sister over the years, and seems to be one of the few people that can tell Amber what she doesn't want to hear and have her actually listen. So of course many Teen Mom OG fans (myself included) have been curious to know his thoughts on all the information that has come out about Matt's past -- especially the number of children he has. Keep reading to find out what Shawn has to say about it!

Injuries in Matt Baier abuse photos weren’t from Amber, but ‘roughhousing amongst my guy friends’

Fully reformed bad guy Matt Baier finally offers up his perfectly good explanation for the graphic selfies that recently surfaced online amid reports that his injuries were caused by fiancee Amber Portwood. Plus, Matt's rumored "side chick" Tiffany Bassett makes it VERY clear she was no side chick, and was only invited to appear on the "Being Matt" special "literally just to make them look sympathetic for having a cancer girl friend around."