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PHOTOS Ryan Edwards’ gun collection causes concern after he allegedly threatened to shoot Taylor McKinney

In Taylor McKinney's Order of Protection filing, he alleges that his Teen Mom OG co-star Ryan Edwards threatened to "put a bullet in my head" during a phone conversation on March 20. The allegation is made a bit more terrifying by a combination of factors: Ryan's history of drug abuse, his controversial practice of gleefully shooting feral cats on his property, his current state of mind given all that has happened over the last week and a half, and the sheer number of guns that appear to be in his possession.

Taylor McKinney says Ryan Edwards threatened to ‘put a bullet in my head’ in protective order filing

More details continue to emerge about troubled Teen Mom OG dad Ryan Edwards after his arrest last week on a probation violation stemming from a heroin possession arrest last year. Yesterday there were details revealed about the claims made by his ex Maci McKinney in her application for a protective order for her and her children, and today we have even more frightening allegations from the protective order filed by Maci's husband Taylor McKinney.

More Ryan Edwards 2017 heroin arrest details: why no one knew about it

In the wake of Teen Mom OG dad Ryan Edwards' arrest last week for a probation violation, we are still trying to find out more about his initial arrest for heroin possession in 2017. Amazingly, that incident somehow managed to remain under the radar for more than a year, and there doesn't appear to be any publicly accessible record of it through online court searches. We now have more information that helps explain what happened, including one theory that links Ryan to the judge in the small town in which he was charged!

TEEN MOM Ryan Edwards 2017 heroin arrest details

The arrest of Teen Mom OG dad Ryan Edwards earlier this week came as a huge surprise to many, but even more surprising was the fact that the arrest was for a probation violation stemming from a previous heroin possession arrest that no one knew anything about. Thanks to a local news station, we are finally getting some details about the initial arrest.

GRACE REPORT Ryan Edwards is back on Tinder looking for hookups while wife Mackenzie is pregnant

Teen Mom OG dad Ryan Edwards' issues with drug addiction are back in the headlines today after the 30-year-old reality star was arrested on Tuesday with issues stemming from a heroin possession arrest. But, Ryan's drug issues aren't the only thing from his past resurfacing in the news today as there is a new report (with receipts) claiming that he is active again on the dating app Tinder.