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New Mackenzie Edwards baby bump photo, photographer inherits Mack’s army of haters

Teen Mom OG dad Ryan Edwards' pregnant wife Mackenzie Edwards handed over the reins to her Instagram account to her photographer and new bestie Christan George last month, and it seems a large regiment of the Mackenzie hater army have simply moved on from bashing Mackenzie to bashing Christan. Christan shared her story of cyber bullying transference in a lengthy caption to a brand new photo from Mackenzie's recent maternity shoot showing off her growing baby bump in a loose-fitting dress.

TEEN MOM Mackenzie Edwards gives away her Instagram account, is selling insurance now?

Teen Mom OG star Mackenzie Edwards has given away her Instagram account (and her 250,000 followers) to her wedding photographer. See the announcement about the transition as well as some recent photos of pregnant Mackenzie frolicking about on an inflatable swan -- one of which features a caption suggesting that Mackenzie is now selling insurance?!

Ryan Edwards’ failed drug test results from January show opiates in his system

More details continue to emerge about Teen Mom OG dad Ryan Edwards' heroin possession citation in March of 2017 and his arrest just over a year later for probation violation. It was previously reported that Ryan's arrest last month stemmed from a failed drug test, and now we have the proof. Surprisingly, the failed test dates all the way back to January.

REPORT Mackenzie and Ryan Edwards’ baby name and sex revealed

One day after it was announced that Teen Mom OG star Mackenzie Edwards is pregnant with her and husband Ryan Edwards' first child together, news broke that Ryan had been arrested stemming from a previously unknown heroin possession charge in 2017. Since that time, Ryan and Mackenzie have all but fallen off the grid with no further public updates on her pregnancy. But, a new report seems to confirm an earlier rumor about the sex and name of Bentley's newest little sibling to be!