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Kenya Moore eviction details: Landlord files motion claiming Kenya defaulted on the lease at least 15 times

Things just “got real” in the Kenya Moore eviction case! The Real Housewives of Atlanta star was evicted last week after failing to appear in court, but she later filed to delay the eviction claiming she never received notification of the eviction hearing. That motion to delay led to Kenya’s landlord, Conya Dillon Weems, filing her own motion for a expedited hearing on the matter based on numerous allegations, including that Moore defaulted on her lease more than 15 times, Weems has suffered financial and emotional distress due to the delay, and that “as a reality TV personality, [Kenya Moore] has utilized this Court and the media to intentionally and knowingly delay execution of a Writ of Possession in an attempt to avoid public humiliation for her irresponsible financial behavior.”