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A brief history of celebrities saying fame is ‘like rape’

Candace Cameron is the latest celebrity to create some controversy for saying something is "like rape." Although the only thing that is truly "like rape" is rape, it seems celebrities just can't stop comparing their first-world problems to the heinous act. Take a look back at the troubling trend and see what various people have said is "like rape."

VIDEO Drunk Johnny Depp’s intoxicationtroduction at Hollywood Film Awards

Johnny Depp added a new entry in The Rum Diary last night at the Hollywood Film Awards as the seemingly blitzed A-lister took viewers down 21 Drunk Street with a profanity-laden and slurred introduction to talent manager Shep Gordon and the presentation of the Hollywood Documentary Award to Mike Myers with for his film, Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon.

Who wore it best? The handlebar mustache edition

Based on the Kyril Bonfiglioli penned Mortdecai trilogy, this David Koepp directed action comedy stars Johnny Depp as a rogue art dealer who gets himself into a number of shenanigans. To promote the movie all the big names, including the women, are featured on posters with Mortdecai’s signature handlebar mustaches. This, of course, begs the question “Who wore it best?”