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PHOTO Donald Trump skewered in drawing by Dr. Jenn’s 8-yr-old daughter

The internet is chock full of Donald Trump detractors. But few people have taken down the chronic foot-in-mouth sufferer and attention addict as artfully as Dr. Jenn Mann's eight-year-old daughter Mendez. Mendez nailed Mr. Trump and his laughable campaign to become the next President of the United States in a simple drawing her mother shared proudly on Twitter.

How much money does Donald Trump have?

Donald Trump is a fixture in today's news. Whether he's announcing his candidacy for president or offending an entire race of people, he's definitely keeping his name in the headlines–something that may or may not be helpful in winning the 2016 presidential race. Trump recently filed financial disclosure forms with the Federal Election Commission, and you won't believe what he's worth!

Who is Tiffany Trump? Donald’s 21-year-old daughter steps into the spotlight

Who is Tiffany Trump? Donald Trump has five children, and four of them have been household names at some point. Now his youngest daughter, Tiffany Trump, is getting ready for her own star turn. Read on to find out about Tiffany's secluded childhood away from the rest of her family, her budding music career, and what she plans to do after graduating from the top business school in the country.