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Duggar Digest: Ben Seewald criticized for ‘disrespectful’ Easter post and did Jill Dillard actually have her baby last weekend?

Last weekend was a big one for the Duggars not only because of Easter, but also because there's a chance that Baby Dilly did actually make his arrival. Meanwhile, Ben Seewald created some controversy with a post that was "disrespectful" to followers of other religions.    

Jill Dillard baby bump photo at 40 weeks and 2 days

Pregnant 19 Kids and Counting star Jill Dillard is past her due date, but it seems Baby Dilly hasn't gotten the memo as her bun in the oven continues to bake... and grow! Baby Dilly daddy Derick Dillard took to Instagram earlier today and shared a new Jill Dilly bump pic with Jill holding a chalkboard letting us know she is 40 months and 2 days pregnant and counting.

Duggar Digest: Ambulance spotted at Jill Dillard’s house one day before she’s due, explosion at a Duggar building and more

Is Baby Dilly on the way... Or here?! An ambulance was spotted at Jill and Derick Dillard's home yesterday, one day before Jill's due date. Elsewhere, there was an explosion at one of the Duggars' buildings and it looks like Josh Duggar may be moving back to Arkansas.

What’s Derick Dillard’s job?

One of last night's 19 Kids and Counting episodes followed expecting parents Jill and Derick Dillard as they settled further into married life. When Derick first went to work, Jill asked to drive him there and pick him up at the end of the day so the glowing newlyweds could spend more time together. What does Derick Dillard do to bring home the bacon?