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SEEKING SISTER WIFE Dannielle’s parents travel to Mexico to meet Roberta

In tonight’s episode, Garrick and Dannielle bring Dannielle’s parents, Scott and Luann to Mexico so they can meet Roberta. They are struggling with the idea, but are trying to be supportive. Garrick says that he no longer has his own family in his life so he appreciates his inlaws’ presence. They’ve strategically timed this visit during Roberta’s ovulation so she can possibly get pregnant during the visit. Garrick cited COVID-19, immigration issues, and Roberta’s age (34) as reasons for why he wants to try for a baby right away instead of waiting to get married.

SEEKING SISTER WIFE Religion and Beliefs: Why is Garrick Merrifield polygamous?

The Merrifields are one of the couples on TLC’s Seeking Sister Wives who claim to be practicing polygamy for religious reasons, unlike the Snowdens who say it’s a nonreligious choice for them. Unlike the Winders, who come from a Fundamentalist Mormon background where their church preaches polygamy and they grew up around it, The Merrifields are practicing it based on their own interpretation of the Christian bible (kind of similar to the McGees from last season.)

SEEKING SISTER WIFE Are Garrick and Roberta married now? Does Dannielle have a new boyfriend?

Tonight’s episode of TLC’s Seeking Sister Wife shows a pivotal moment in the stressful courtship between Garrick Merrifield and Roberta. Garrick divorced Dannielle, his wife of 12 years, in order to bring Roberta, a Brazilian citizen, to the U.S. on a K-1 fiance visa. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, which closed borders and put delays and restrictions on immigration, Garrick felt it was necessary to meet with Roberta in order to try to get her pregnant even though they weren’t married yet, which triggered intense emotions in Dannielle.

The events from this episode took place a year ago. Are Roberta and expecting a baby? Have they had the chance to get married? Are Garrick and Dannielle still together? We don’t have any answers, but there are some clues.

Seeking Sister Wife spoiler: Do Dannielle and Garrick get divorced or not? Plus a DUI, bankruptcy, etc.

Seeking Sister Wife couple Dannielle and Garrick Merrifield are considering divorce after 12 years of marriage so that their potential sister wife, Brazilian bombshell Roberta, can come to the United States on a K-1 visa and marry Garrick. Are the Merrifields able to overcome emotion and go through with the divorce? We did some looking through court records and have the answer! We also ran across some other interesting court cases for the Merrifields, including bankruptcy and a DUI!