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90 DAY FIANCE Larissa confirms she has children in Brazil

The tempest of a week for 90 Day Fiance star Larissa Dos Santos Lima continues as she confirms online reports that she has at least two children in Brazil -- a son who is currently living with his father, and a daughter who is currently living with Larissa's father. See Larissa's explanation for what happened, as well as her plans to eventually bring one of her kids to the United States.

90 DAY FIANCE Larissa updates after arrest: ‘nobody was scratched or hurt’

90 Day Fiance star Larissa Dos Santos Lima was arrested and charged with domestic battery on Saturday after an alleged altercation with husband Colt Johnson, and it was later discovered that this was the second time in five months that she had been charged for the offense. The 32-year-old Brazilian has since been released and has returned to social media where she updated her fans to assure them she is OK and to clarify some of what did and didn't happen.

90 DAY FIANCE Larissa previously arrested for domestic battery in June

90 Day Fiance couple Colt Johnson and Larissa Dos Santos Lima had a huge argument on Saturday, with Larissa providing some very concerning updates via Instagram throughout the ordeal. Despite cops reportedly cuffing Colt initially, after conducting their interviews, it was Larissa who was arrested and charged with domestic battery. The news was shocking to a lot of fans, but probably not for Colt because this was Lariss'a second arrest for domestic battery in the past five months!

90 DAY FIANCE Colt and Larissa fight: a full recap and timeline of her posts and updates

90 Day Fiance couple Larissa and Colt Johnson appear to have had a huge falling out, and Larissa documented a large part of it on Instagram in a series of videos and very concerning messages. Thanks to her public plea for help after Colt allegedly disabled her phone as she hid herself in the bathroom, multiple people called Las Vegas Police, who reportedly went to the couple's house for a welfare check -- at which point they apparently arrested Larissa! Get a full recap of all of Larissa's posts throughout the day, including her plea for help via her Instagram bio.

90 DAY FIANCE Larissa arrested for domestic battery after fight with Colt

90 Day Fiance couple Larissa and Colt Johnson got into a huge fight at their home earlier today, with Larissa posting a series of videos on Instagram -- including an overturned shelf. Larissa later changed her Instagram ID to @helpmeimwithoutphone and revealed in her bio that Colt had taken her phone and wanted to call the police. After initial reports circulated that Colt had been arrested, it was later revealed that it was Larissa who was booked and charged with domestic battery!

90 DAY FIANCE Colt, Colt’s cats and Colt throwback photos are my new favorite things!

Judging from the reactions on social media (and in this fan's heart and soul), the break-out star of the 90 Day Fiance Season 6 premiere was 33-year-old Colt Johnson from Las Vegas. Oh, and his cats. On, and his mom. Oh, and his cousins... Keep reading to get a few screen capped highlights of Colt and his incomparable supporting cast from the premiere, plus see a HUGE collection of some of Colt's 90 Day Fiance-mazing throwback photos!