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Was Linda Lovelace forced to make Deep Throat by abusive husband Chuck Traynor?

Amanda Seyfried stars in Lovelace out Friday August 9, a movie that chronicles the complicated story of one of the most famous porn stars ever: Linda Lovelace. Her 1972 movie Deep Throat somehow edged into mainstream distribution and was able to earn over $600 million, according to the documentary Inside Deep Throat, although an LA Times article debunks that number. Even if it didn’t gross that much, it no doubt made a huge amount of money, and Linda’s paycheck (which went to her husband and manager Chuck Traynor,) was reportedly only about $1,000. Although there was major backlash against the film at the time, it was also seen as sexual empowerment by some, and Linda’s public persona seemed to back that up. A few years later, however, Linda revealed to the public some very painful and dark secrets about the movie.